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SlingBot Sounds.. and A Rabbit?



So, I've built v0.2.0..  and it's well after 3:00am my time this go-round. haha

In this build I've started to implement sounds, currently I have a wind sound for ambiance and a  fairly rough(sounds much better in the editor) board/snow sound.  For some reason it sounds like the High Pass Filter I applied in Unity isn't making its way into the WebGL build.. more troubleshooting.  But it does sound better than NO sound at all... WAY Better!!

Game Link:

Oh yeah, I have the first NPC working too. :D

It was a simple test of NPC steering, and it turned into an entirely new feature of the game!

It's called a Rabbit Hunt!  Click the Rabbit button and you have 2 minutes to beat the high-score.  All you have to do is stay close to the NPC.  haha!  ;)

Within 50m scores 1 point for each frame, outside of 50m loses 1 point.  Your direction arrow fades away if the rabbit gets further than 200m away. 


Just noticed the Courses button is still visible during the rabbit hunt... Shoot... Oh well, hopefully it doesn't let all the bugs out when it's clicked during a hunt...  Fix it tomo... later today! :D  After sleeps.

BTW, I'm really diggin on the easter-egg potential of this new Rabbit Hunt feature.  (no there aren't any yet, but the potential is just ridiculous)


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