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The break is over! - Too soon though



So like 4 days before the new forge comes out on Destiny 2 and maybe - finally - possibly the new exotic stuff... The challenge starts so its back to work! :P It was cool to watch the poll progress and dungeon crawler literally crawled ahead of doom. Puns, yes. 

I don't know about titles and names of things yet but like Unnamed Dungeon Crawler works for me. Its a challenge not a competition so I don't mind writing about ideas, I think that's the whole point really, to document the process and learn more and win the gold medal and beat everybo... wait no scratch that. Community and friendly stuff instead!

I didn't practice Unity as much as I wanted before going back to playing Destiny 2 so I'm going with Game Maker Studio again for this. I feel like it definitely does everything I need.

Breaking down mechanics, 

Main menu and a way to return, Easy, I always do this. Even if its just the escape key to return it technically meets the requirements.. I haven't really done a whole lot of pausing before. I remember I'd starting learning a method in Game Maker when messing with RPG which would simply deactivate everything but this could cause you issues if you have an object that was going to 'draw' something, it would stop drawing it and you'd no longer see it when 'paused'. I think a work around to this was something to do with a screenshot command and then printing the screenshot over the screen then adding pause menu stuff on top of that... Then deactivating yourself when unpaused so everything returns to normal. Simple enough.

Player navigating the maze, Simple top down navigation, walls and floor different via code, walls solid, floor below player etc etc... Its pretty straight forward for now --- Until I remember that I forgot something and then come and ask on the forums for how to make a solid wall 😂 

One protagonist character controlled by player, I'm really tempted to attempt a character select or custom build your own character BUT that's just extra bonus stuff for laters. Go plenty of time I think.

Maneuver the player are moving and stationary obstacles, Stationary could be simple stuff like a table, Don't know if walls count as this.. but they'd have same code as walls to make them solid, I'm not sure if I'd go with making a randomly built map or for the sake of simplicity make a prebuilt level and decide exactly where things go... As for moving obstacles though... Couldn't really control moving obstacles with random levels.. Or could I ? A simple 'patrol' system with wall detection could have an 'object' moving... Would this count if I used the enemies as moving obstacles... Water or Spikes!! Spikes could be fun to setup actually... (This is why I like writing breakdowns like this cuz I get ideas whilst writing that I have no idea :P) 

Minimum one level, easy but what defines a level? Make a several 'floor' maze, completion of first floor is level 1? We can go further if we want to but at least for prototype just make 1 floor with a win/lose condition and build upon it from there.. Might not even need a lose condition I suppose... but when adding enemies if you're not going to lose.. Hmmm. Yeah need a YOU LOSE! screen lol

Must define the end goal, tell them to escape, have instructions explaining on screen when starting the level. I think this is a simple one to achieve, "Your goal is to reach to center of the maze!" technically defines the end goal but I'm thinking maybe a mandatory how to play screen when starting or something like that.. 

Enemies or antagonists, can give player ability to hack n slash or shoot a spell fireball type thing to hurt enemies actively, can run past and ignore enemies if you want, will set up a tracking radius for enemies, make them 50% slower than player so can escape easy if you don't want to fight, Can make them drop items randomly... But what? Potions? Bombs? Scrolls? (Like ammo but for spell attacks) keys? Torches? Etc

Ability to carry is easy, top down shooter gun menu mechanic used, expired like a life/health system, when it's gone it's gone, 

Additional item representing credit... Gold per kill, Might use 'pixels' for that GDNet Easter egg :P

Items via killing already stated, random chests for loot too, or have secret walls... both for the discovery of items.. 


I'm looking forward to doing this! I joined like near the end of the Frogger challenge and sort of panic made something just to be involved and realized that I could have made something wayyy better had I took the time to think it through and I made what I made in a couple of days so it was also a good thing to learn that not trying to finish instantly can be helpful 😂 I'm interested to see how other people do with this challenge also because I think this sort of game can 'build itself' once you've got the base level done, you just gotta add a little bit more to it and you've basically got an entire game 😮 so maybe people will go for full blown releases... We've certainly got enough time to go big with our ideas if we ever wanted to :P. 


Good luck to everyone :D I hope we all do really well! 


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Very much looking forward to watching your progress! :D  I'm participating too, but I won't be starting 'til after the 25th.  One challenge at a time. haha

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Pretty sure we will have a lot of fun with this challenge! Can't wait to see all the progress again! :) Good luck with your attempt!

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