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    • By Pixel-8
      Hey Everyone,
      Yup, that's right i'm offering free music composition for your pixel art style game. I was one of the few composers who worked on a game called Dungeon Souls
      I've mainly worked with Orchestral and Electronic stuff, but recently getting into 8-bit, chip-tune style.
      If you're looking for some music for your game, my music can be found here:
      Orchestral -
      8-bit -
      If you have any questions let me know!
    • By kristiang
      Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 2 is the sequel orchestral pack expanding on the dark fantasy musical themes. Prepare for even darker and more evil songs to add to your game! 

      As with Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1 this pack has all its themes split into several parts for an adaptive music approach. By splitting up a theme in multiple parts you can adapt the music’s intensity and dynamics to a scenario where the player goes from a harmless situation and suddenly encounters great danger and music that enhances the intensity. 

      What’s included in the asset:
      - 4 different themes for easily adapting to the correct mood of the scene.
      - Each song consists of perfectly cut wav files to transition between the different section of the song with a nice reverb tail to make the transitions as smooth as possible. All songs come with a few stingers/hits if need to make an abrupt ending of the song or for a percussive transition between the different parts. 
      - All parts of each theme consists of seamless loops as well if you want to edit your own version in your audio editor (or just loop in Unity.) 
      - 324 MB in 93 HQ 16 Bit, 44kHz wav files. 
      Buy Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 2
      YouTube and Soundcloud previews:
    • By Brain
      One of the largest free/open game asset sites around, everything here is free to use under varying licenses from creative commons to GPL. Contains sound effects, music, 3D models and textures, 2D sprite sheets and more. Great for prototype graphics.
    • By William Braddell
      Hi everyone,
      I'm a Kiwi male trying to establish myself as a composer in the world of video game music design. I've just finished a small soundtrack for a hypothetical RPG. It isn't perfect but I created it to showcase my developing skills. You can check it out here for free:

      I posted this in the hopes of getting feedback so feel free to give me your thoughts!

      I look forward to participating on this forum

    • By EmmersionStudios
      We've posted a new development blog entry, "Game Sounds: Music in Motion", on our website at: that sound artists and composers may find interesting.
      Also included in the post is a link to our entire soundtrack for the upcoming game Matchino.
      We hope you enjoy it!

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