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First Demo in early 2019 ...didn't happen



The post below I wrote at the start of the year and promptly fell off development entirely and did some other stuff until last week where I picked the game up again and found new enthusiasm for it. I do really want people to play it as I did when I wrote the below, but I'm someone who doesn't let go of things easily for fear of negative feedback on something I suspected wasn't ready.

Anyway, still hoping to deliver something playable before the end of 2019.

Over the Christmas break I had a friend play TLC and it was one of the most satisfying experiences I've had on this entire project. It felt like a mini pay off to months of work. It was a fleeting feeling, but for a couple of minutes I felt like I'd just released a finished product to universal acclaim. 😋

It was the first time someone has played it and kind of just got it. With a few seconds of explanation ('this button is go', 'that button is stop' kind of thing) he was able to play, which doesn't sound like a big deal but when you're the only person who's played it for any length of time you've always got it in the back of your head that maybe it's a complete mess that no-one who touches it will understand, so it was so heartening to know that for at least one other person, that's not the case.

It's spurred me on to want to release a playable demo as soon as possible. I'm desperate for feedback, good or bad.   

I came up with the following list of things it could contain along with the current status:

  • Core game play - functional 
  • UI - functional 
  • Camera behaviour - functional
  • Visuals - functional 
  • Audio - To Do
  • Player Instruction - To Do
  • Player Feedback - basic functional
  • Bugs - To Do

So while I continue to work on this, I know I need to decide how far each piece of the game needs to be developed in order to work for the demo. But what does a demo need to contain? To what extent should a feature be complete? What level of polish? Where do you stop? How do you decide what's necessary and what's not?

Find out more about Tokyo Light Cycle at the project page.


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