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Hello all

Aleh Lipka


Hello all!

This is my first blog entry.

At first I just ctrl+c ctrl+v my blog's "About" block:



My name is Aleh and I was born in Belarus and now live in Poland.
I am russian speaker and not studied english. All what I know I know from internet and/or code documentations.
Now I'm a 3D game developer, I think and... Thank you if you can read this and sorry for my english.


And now I just wrote this:

Sorry for my english, man! I just want to be a part of great community.

More about me now.

I'm a c# developer. I love C# and i REALY LOVE linux!

I know, it's not a good point to start if I wrote something like this in the first blog post. Some much better if you post greate code parts or great idea, but I have idea im my entry.

The idea of my post is that I am very happy to be part of a large community. The idea of my post is that I believe that every member of the community makes the community stronger regardless of knowledge and experience.

I thought about writing this post in my native language, but I see that the community is filled with people from many countries and I am glad that we can interact with each other using one language.

There is no matter what language it is. English or Russian. Games out of politics and I am very happy that I can consider some members of the community to be my real friends.

Most community members use game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine or Monogame framework.

I prefer more lower-level programming. But I don't mean assembler. Oh, mother of gods, not. I love C# and I like to use no frameworks but I create my own frameworks.

I don't like use Monogame. I want to create my own.

Perhaps it does not make sense in our rapidly growing field, but that's how I am.


I am happy to be here.
I'm glad to be part of the community.
I am open to your suggestions.
I apologize if the text of this post is too stupid.
I will try to be helpful to any member of the community.

Once again. Sorry for my english. I will practice and improve it.


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Ok why do you wanna make your own game engine again?
Also what do you plan on making your game about? :)

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22 hours ago, SIr Pep said:

Ok why do you wanna make your own game engine again?
Also what do you plan on making your game about? :)

Why my own game engine:

Experience first of all. I just want know how graphics libraries works. OpenGL, DirectX, Vulcano in the future. I need to know geometrical and math ways to make standart things and, maybe not so standart.

I want to kniw how to write shaders, want use all popular operation sistems and other cool things.

I just love it! I love code and creating of anything.

What about my game is:

This is a mmorpg, but stop laughting:) I think I realy can do it. I have a girlfriend who makes great 3d models and arts and I have 8 ears of programming experience. And I want to do it! Not so fust but I finish it.

It's will be not so standart mmo because you can't play it solo :)

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A lot of people would advise you not to make your own game engine because it's so time consuming, but if you want to know how it work and have 8 years of programming experience that's up to you man :)
As long as you have a clear cut picture of what you want to do then I'd say go get your dreams! :)
Also read lots!!! I can't tell you if this is realistic for you and your girlfriend or not because as far as I know 3d isn't as easy...

God bless your development and I hope you have a great day


Also check out @Septopus... He seems to be doing something similar, maybe he could help you

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By all means write your own engine, but as Pep suggests, it will take you a long time as it is a big task.

You mention learning OpenGL and DirectX libraries as examples, but be mindful that graphics is only one aspect of the engine.

You can easily go down deep rabbit holes with loading 3d models - this can be challenging based on the specific tools you use and their export functions (Blender vs Maya vs 3dsMax) and what formats you want to code for - i spent a solid month coding a Collada file format interpreter and animation process flow - and another 3 weeks building a voxel based terrain system (not minecraft styled, more like space engineers), loading raw textures (BMP? JPG? PNG? all file formats differ in particular ways), particularly if you're looking to support both OpenGL and DirectX  - there are some truely fundamental differences that can trip you up (LHS vs RHS notations and matrix differences is one example). 

You'll probably spend more time on building a scripting language for your game, and building in the I/O aspects. Owing to you looking to build an MMO, you will need to have strong networking knowledge, coupled with strong multithreading understanding. Building an AI system will also be fun (my current project) and i would recommend starting with a state engine approach to keep things a little more simple.

UX design knowledge (User Experience) is important for an MMO, which will bring this up from the 'coding layer' to the game design and user interface considerations. 

Without knowing what you have, i would recommend building a good library of books on the various topics. I have a former nintendo library Collada book, books on AI, a couple of books on Physics, vector mathematics, linear algebra, game based networking and multi-threading.

You will also need to consider the narrative of your world that you're building, interactions between actors, item design and theme. Politics, etc. 

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Haha, yeah I'm working on an MMO, but I'm not also writing my own engine. ;)  Just using Unity over here in the corner... haha 

Welcome to the community @Aleh Lipka!  Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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As someone working on my own game engine and MMORPG (don't laugh back 😁), I'll make a couple of suggestions.  I wouldn't just start off to build a "game engine" first and then the game, build the game and the engine at the same time.  Also don't start putting in features just for the sake of it.  Put them in as you need them. Sometimes it pays to look a little bit ahead, but don't add things way in advance that you may never need, or you may have to re-implement when you figure out what you really need.

Also remember you won't get things perfect the first time through. I know I've made a lot of changes in my code and I'll make many more.  So don't worry about it if you have to throw out code. It's part of the process.  I would do some initial reading and then try to start in on the coding. Getting things started is the main thing.

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