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Project: Astroworks

Astroworks Devlog #6




Devlog #6 - Overloaded

9th of January 2019

Really A Studio
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Welcome everybody! I hope everyone's holiday season went well! The developers of Astroworks are back to work as well and progress is slowly but surely going forward! This DevLog is the creation of dejin1.

Who are we

Really A Studio (RAS) is an independent game development team. RAS was founded on the 30th of October 2018 as a bootstrap startup with the goal of creating innovative, quality video games. Our incredible team consists of passionate designers, artists, 3D technologists, sound engineers, and content producers from all around the globe working together to create great games. Our first and current project is Astroworks, a singleplayer sci-fi action game set to release in 2019Q1.




Astroworks is a story-driven 3d arcade space combat action game. Fight against a galactic megacorporation turned evil with multiple spaceship choices, heaps of weapons and abilities, featuring tons of explosions! Embark on challenging missions which include fighting against swarms of enemy battle drones, blowing up enemy capital ships, sabotaging factories, spaceship races and more!


Today's topics: Abilities part 2



An EMP is generated from the spaceship and disables every enemy and structure in its area of effect. Affected spaceships and structures will be useless until they can recover their systems. However, some defensive structures and special spaceships are protected against EMP and will remain unaffected.

The EMP can be used tactically depending on the player preferences but it is especially useful when defending itself since the spaceships and structures that are close enough will be unable to attack.

Weapon overload:


This ability diverts all energy into the weaponry of the spaceship and all weapons have more firepower than usual during a short lapse of time. As a consequence of this, they will take more time to cooldown or to be ready once the energy flow is restored.

The Weapon Overload ability is best used when the player needs to quickly deal a huge amount of damage with a specific weapon. Possible examples are: dealing with swarms of enemies that are getting too close with a few shots of the high explosive missile and dishing a tremendous amount of damage with the gatling gun to a highly defensed objective when the player finally gets close enough. Of course, it can also be used for dealing some extra damage in a shorter time.



The reflective panels that cover the spaceship activate and it enters on invisibility mode. In invisibility mode the spaceship doesn’t emit any signal and is seen-through, but it is still possible to detect the spaceship with special electromagnetic-pulse-generation detection devices. Luckily, they are so expensive that only special defensive structures are equipped with them. Activating a weapon or ability will break the invisibility mode because the other spaceships will detect its power generation or movement, and colliding with another object will damage the reflective panels and break the invisibility mode.

The invisibility ability is useful for sneaking into fortified bases that lack detection and to stealthily wait for an opportunity to attack an enemy.

Astroworks wants to hear your Opinions!


We made a quick 3 Question poll to see which Ability your most excited for Click here <<


Previous Devlog: #5 – Music: 




Thank you for your attention! Tune in next time as well and don't forget to follow our activity on these sites:

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- Follow us on Twitter!
- Subscribe to our Youtube channel for upcoming devlog videos!
- Join our Discord server!
- Consider supporting the team on Patreon!
- Interested in contributing to the project? Fill out our application form or contact a Producer on the Discord server


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