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Noel's Hope - is alive!



Noel's Hope - is alive!

Not a little time has passed since the second post, but the project is still alive;)
Moreover, after a series of successful and not very successful tests, the project is finally ready to try to go in Steam Shop and conquer your hearts!
Noel's Hope - This is a story in RPG, Survival, Adventure style with a small of Roguelike genre.

What game should be expected now?


Collect resources for survival, build useful objects on the ship, improve your character, upgrade characteristics, explore the islands and dungeons, destroy bosses, solve secrets, help survivors, find satellites and etc.!
There are dungeons/islands and some zones in the game, with auto-generation of traps, enemies and useful items. Also bosses, additional quests and many stories!

Unfortunately, because I am alone make this game - I had to use a lot of Free Open Source models, textures, etc., which probably already become boring of games on the Unity3D engine, but without this, the game could not exist...

An important aspect is the COMMUNITY and the feedback that will be. Your opinion about the mechanics of the game, about which points you liked / didn’t like, what needs to be changed, what to adds, what to news and etc. I really hope that "Noel's Hope" will like to those who love these genres of games!

p.s. In the game is not fully implemented the plot, for several reasons - one of them, the lack of a good, high-quality translation into English. (Yes, I use Google Translate + some plugins + some help else, but this is not enough!).
The game is in early access until the plot is fully implemented, like some new mechanics. Much of what was planned - I am implementing right now and in the future this will be even more!
Thank you for understanding :)


Idk, why videos (.wmv) don't work here, so just a link on Steam Page (Trailer)


Dungeon gate example:


Magic Ocean:


House on island:




Skill upgrade tree:





Steam Shop:

Steam Page

P.p.s. I’ve almost finished preparing a big update, in which appear the heavenly islands, new types of traps and something else.
The work on Alchemy and tools of the ship, is also actively underway.

Thanks for attention:)

Download Trailer (file Promo.wmv):


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4 hours ago, jbadams said:

Looking good!

Thanks you!
I will try to do everything in my power so that you enjoy both the story and the gameplay :)

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