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Surprise Music!



So, I got really close to getting a new build out last night, maybe tonight. ;)

If you've played thus far, you've probably noticed there wasn't any music.  I hadn't even thought about it much, more of a final touches thing in my mind I guess.. 

But then I got a DM a week or so ago, randomly from a very nice guy offering to help with that. Then this morning I woke up to an equally nice bit of theme music in my inbox! :D

Check this out!  Sling Bot Boarding (Theme).mp3

I think it's pretty rad.

Let me know what you think?!


Check him out, here's his info(he approved the share):

User: @Jacky Chan




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1 minute ago, Awoken said:

Sounds Great!

For real!!  :D  I'm stoked, he said he'd put together a few other loops and things for the game too!  Incredible how music changes everything...

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