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GameDev - Dungeon Crawler Challenge - Part 2



I didn't have too much time today, but I managed to sculpt out some fixes to the upper and lower parts of the arms yesterday. I'm not going to make anything look "perfect" or put a lot of time in correctness considering the camera view will be a Diablo style view, and you wont really notice it.

I also finished the Helm, Chainmail Chest Armor, Sword, Shield, and even added on some cloth. There will be two goblin skins as well.

NOTE: Some color reflections are due to the HDRi map on reflective materials. :) 






I was going to make custom eyes, but I'm just going to keep them black as the camera view wouldn't make that much of a difference in putting details into them.

Creating assets without a base mesh can be a big pain in the butt... The Goblin itself could still use a lot of work, but my entire approach to these challenges is to create the models from scratch without pre-existing bases as I would normally do in other work. I still need to make a chest, key, health pots, gold coins, GUI, environment textures, and the basic rooms. :)

My next update will have a room concept with a fully textured room, and propped goblins. I still need to Rig and animate these meshes, and I'll do that after my next update.

Thanks for reading! :) 


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Looking good. I'm curious to see how the rooms work out.

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On 1/18/2019 at 6:11 PM, kseh said:

Looking good. I'm curious to see how the rooms work out.

Thanks! I didn't work on this over the weekend, but I'll be doing some level design today. New post coming shortly! :) 

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