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Dungeon Crawler Challenge - Update 3



A variety of things worked on over the past week.

I've done some work to get the PC able to jump. The idea I'm thinking of is that there'd be palces with breaks in the floor you'd have to jump accross. I'm thinking of tieing that to the equipment weight you're carrying and decreasing the length of the jump, so maybe a bit of planning would be needed. For that to be meaningful though, I really need to work on what kind of equipment will be in the game. As it is now, you die if you jump off the floor into the "swamp". Having the little splash animation from Frogger was kinda handy there.  

More noticably though I was playing around with the sprites and ended up turning my human into a rectangle with feet. I kinda like the way it looks so I'm thinking of going with it. I'm hoping that the style will allow for simpler equipment and enemy sprites like my "torch" in the screenshot below that looks suspiciously like a simple red rock. The floor tiles also changed a bit and there's a couple tile transitions that need fixing up like the one south of the PC in the screenshot.

I had some basic clothes for the human sprite I was using before. Other than the hats, they don't work for the rectangle so I'm pretty much at a place where I have to be spending time working on clothes, armor, weapons, and any other stuff I can hopefully get into the game. Lots of fun to look forward to aligning where sprites join together.

The screenshot doesn't really show much of what all I have done. I'm hoping to get a video of some kind put together over the weekend.



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I like the concept of having jumps reduced depending on weight. :) You could make certain areas only accessible to near empty inventories for special loot, and maybe have a one way door to get out of the room or portal. :D 

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