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BIZARRE Sprint 33 plus 34



Happy new year! ūüôā

The new sprint no. 34 is published today.

Let's see what we did during the last two sprints 32 and 33.

First of all, we finished texturing the first game scene, Clearwater's apartment. All furniture is modelled and textured, placed and polished.

As you can see below:


We put more effort into the park design opposite Clearwater's home. We placed benches, trees and lanterns in the park and made them all looking good.

The metro is running regularly, the little fountain is built up but what we still miss is the grass.

But we installed lamps, lights and bulbs in the houses around Clearwaters apartment, therefore his neighbors look a bit more livelier. 

Plus, we worked on Clearwater's gunplay behavior. He is now able to pull his gun when a button is pressed, he is able to shoot as long as his magazine isn't empty, he reloads when the magazine is empty and in case, he has another one. He stops shooting when all bullets are fired.

You can see an extract here in this video (#WIP):

We implemented all the gunplay behavior in C++ but also in Blueprint.

We melted various animations together, so that he can walk and aim, shoot and switch fluently.

Clearwater's gunplay is still unfinished. We still need to do a looot of things. #WIP

I wrote dream no. 12 and felt that I forgot about everything I wrote before, that's why I decided to re-read the whole book

hoping I'll like it and I can easily write dream no. 13. With dream no. 13 the writing is finished and the book is completed.

The #WORDSproductions team is currently reading the book, too, at least all released chapters I felt OK with.

The book BIZARRE Episode I is pretty thick, isn't it?

Our plans for the current sprint:

  • We have to improve Clearwater's gunplay (+ appearance)
  • We have to improve Clearwater's walking and running animation
  • We have to improve Clearwater's facial animations
  • We have to implement a shoot button and a gun status bar (UI)
  • We have to adapt the collision boxes in Clearwaters apartment
  • We have to furnish Clearwater's terrace on the first floor
  • We have to implement a stop walking button and to model a proper animation when he is touching a collision¬†
  • I have to re-read and complete the book BIZARRE Episode I
  • We have to texture the metro, and some stuff in Clearwaters-world-outside environment

It's a damn long way to our new Gameplay Video as everything is built up but nothing is 100% completed let alone perfect.

I meditate now.


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