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Dungeon Crawler Challenge - Update 3.1

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This video is "old" now after work over the weekend but here it is anyways. When I am able to work on this project, I end up working until it's quite late trying to nail down just "one more thing". And I either forget to leave time for capturing a video or tell myself that tomorrow I'll have something better.

This video shows the PC which I simplified to a rectangle with feet and a single dot for an eye walking around int the darkness of the labyrinth, picking up the occasion torch rock (that needs to be re positioned to appear in his hand) and exploring a bit. Eventually our hero comes to a section of the maze where some inhabitants from the Frogger challenge still persist, including some cars that have had their sprites changed to very plain squares. Nothing there is particularly harmful but he jumps past one of the sleeping denizens of the labyrinth a couple times before demonstrating that it is a bad idea to attempt to swim in the swamp.


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Posted (edited)

Hmm. I had no idea that the music or sound was included in the video capture. It sets a much more light mood than I was figuring.

The rectangle character with out a doubt has charm as he is. The past bit of development, I've been putting some armor type items together for equipment. The result is that I now have a character that looks quite human again, loosing some of the charm of being a simple shape. It also pulls the game away from the above style making it feel like it's harder to get away with simple abstracted graphics.

Gonna need to think about this a bit.


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