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Project: DungeonBot3000


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I wanted to take part in the latest Challenge, Dungeon Crawl. Unfortunately, due to things both foreseen and unforeseen, I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on it. Nevertheless, I will carry on even if I'm pretty sure I won't be able to finish all of the requirements.

You are DungeonBot3000, a prototype combat droid built during the ill-fated Uprising. After 650 years, the nefarious Cult of Gamed'ev has once again arisen in the depths, led by the reanimated avatar of KHawk, freshly-emerged from cryo-sleep. After so many centuries, your systems have degraded and your power generation capabilities are severely handicapped; nevertheless, the dictates of your directive are clear: eliminate the Cult. Arming yourself with castoff bits of tech you find along the way, you must enter the depths of Gamed Dungeon, the system of caves and tunnels from within which the evil Cult waged their Uprising so long ago, and within which the new Cult has emerged. Fight your way through Anonymous Posters, Users, Crossbones and powerful Moderators as you quest into the depths to confront your ultimate targets: KHawk and his Staff. Along the way, find bits of technology to help you boost your power generation and upgrade your abilities, enhancing your speed and combat effectiveness. But beware: as the Cult brings their defenses online, the areas you must clear will become more and more deadly.

So far, I've got a basic (and sufficient for the challenge) maze gen system in place, and have begun work on the controllers and combat. Enemies spawn in groups and are driven by the Detour Crowd functionality of Urho3D, to pursue relentlessly. The combat system is ARPG, and I've currently implemented a spin attack. More to come, though probably not before the deadline.

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