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Project: Project Taival

Dev Diary #001



Re-Release from 7th of January 2019 Dev Diary;


Welcome to the first actual Dev Diary. I will release a Dev Diary every week on Monday to keep you updated on the progress of the game, Project Taival.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of new content to share today, as I got a flu on the next day after posting the announcement, but I did manage to get the ground level rooms finished before my condition worsened. I still need to do the plasterboard walls and windows which I will begin to work on tomorrow.


I will begin on working the minute details, like the skirting boards, cupboards, stoves, as well as window frames and panels after the whole building is first ready.

To summarize some features of the game, here is a short list of things;

- The game will be in First Person perspective.

- It is going to be divided in multiple games, so be sure to expect a sequel.

- All the final assets are going to be original content or modified from free assets.

- Paid assets remains a possibility, depending on the amount of donations and pre-orders.

- The game is based on modern days, but the roots of the story are much deeper in time.

- 2 layer game world, similar to Silent Hill, but different.


Want to help out?

I'm also exploring ways to give some unique extra content to those who have pre-ordered or donated a certain sum. If you can give pointers on the most efficient and secure way to do a database, in which I could easily handle the distribution these special game codes to those who have funded the game in this very early stage, please let me know. A tutorial to setting up such a database would be much appreciated :)

I'm also toying with the idea that if this project gets a funding of 100 000 USD in total within a year, it could be possible to hold a raffle among all the sponsors, in which one lucky person could get an artwork based on the Lore of the story. I saw this amazing looking glass art on a video and thought that it could have a fitting look for a physical collectibles item of this game, as well as be fitting for anyone, gamer or non-gamer alike. But there is still plenty of time to figure that out :) What do you think, should there be physical collector's items for the early buyers?

I'll also post a brief get-to-know-me post at some point here to introduce my self and my aspirations for all to see. No matter how ambitious my vision for this game is, I do know that the road will be long and hard and I probably can't achieve as much as I hope for, in as little time I wish a could. But I'm committed to this project so deeply, that I wish to do it for my livelihood.

Thats it for todays Dev Diary, have a splendid week and tune in for more on next Monday!


Edit; to re-organize the dev diaries in order.


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