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Project: Project Taival

Dev Diary #002



Re-Release of 14th of January 2019 Dev Diary;


Hello again and welcome to the second Dev Diary for the Project Taival.

This time I have my earliest test build in playable form, of the model of the house where you can explore the layout of two first floors. It is still not finished and I left the downstairs largely unlit on purpose. The download link is on the bottom of this post.


The TestBuild can only be exited by CTRL + ALT + DEL and force closing the software (as far as I know).


Please take note; all the models in this Test Preview are placeholders and/or temporary assets. The player character will be entirely different than the UE4 template character that this game has.

Current experience with UE4 tools are very confusing - even with tutorials I'm largely lost, due to so many tutorials being out of date for the current version of the developer tools. But, I'm slowly but surely getting accustomed to the editing process in UE4. I'm still torn between Unity 3D and UE4, as Unity seem to be somewhat more user friendly, but on the downside, lacks visual scripting currently. I'm also researching how to make teaser trailers, as my Youtube channel is in dire need for content. I'm also trying out composing music for the teaser, but more on that when I have something ready to show.

I will be spending this week finalizing the bottom floor models and testing out UE4 and Unity 3D some more. Also, it seems that this is going to be very tutorial heavy week for me, so fingers crossed. Thus far, despite all the frustration, I'm extremely optimistic about this endeavor to make this game. It feels really good to see the progress, no matter how small it might sometimes be, but being this motivated despite all the hardship in learning feels really good.

Thank you for everyone who have shown interest toward this project! Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for more content updates.

You can also show your support and subscribe to my other Social Media channels;


And as always, have fun on your taival through life!


Download from Dropbox


Edit; to re-organize the dev diaries in order.


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