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Dungeon Crawler Challenge - Update 5

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I am quite behind. Got overly focused on the idea of having a backpack to carry around and spent a lot of time over the weekend trying to revive an old class that I had from another project to hold items. Lots of fun with picking things up, putting them down, and equipping them.

I was able to get the functionality going for switching between an upper Lounge level and a Dungeon level. Also able to save and load whatever objects that I place in both those levels. I don't think I'll have as much time to really plan out a level as I wanted. I have very few items to place around a dungeon to keep it interesting but hopefully it's enough. Oh, and I never did make the time to find the code that's making all the clothing pink instead of using random colors.

I'm somewhat hopeful that I'll be able to just get in the requirements, but it's going to be clunky. As it is in the video, I don't have stairs or a ladder to go between levels but a sign which I had the graphic for handy. Don't want to spend the extra time just now obsessing about how stairs or a ladder would look.

Still need:
  * Collecting credits of some kind. I think this should be ok but there'll be no store at this point.
  * Enemies. As I've said several times now, put off for way too long.
  * End game. In theory I should be able to create an end game message but it won't be remotely glamorous.

The way I see it, I have until Wednesday night to get this completed. Thursday is allocaetd for family time and there won't be much time left Friday night except maybe for a final upload.

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Awesome. I think it's OK to leave some things not looking polished. At least that's what I'm going to settle for on mine.

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Using code for the enemies from my last WOA entry, I was able to get a critter implemented today that rushes towards the player and pushes him back on collide. So at least now I have the potential for some kind of threat. Still need to complete stuff for "combat" and to generate these critters periodically but I think I'm in ok shape. At least, I think, the greater unknowns I've been concerned about are finally taken care of.

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Only a few days left, you'll be fine. :) Just make cuts as needed!

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