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Updated 3/27/2019

I study how to write my own game engines using modern OpenGL/C# and WebGL/TypeScript. I advice you this book: C# Game Programming: For Serious Game Creation. This book shows how to write your own game engine with maintainable code using TDD. This is a great book. It is not for GameDev only. It shows how to develop big projects in general. I know that you like to write games using Game Engines like Unity. By this book you will know basics of Linear Algebra, Shader Math, Game Physics and so on. Shader Math is important for Unity too because you need to write shaders for Unity. HLSL and GLSL are very similar. It is a great book really.

Behaviour-Driven Development:

Test-Driven Development:

Writing Games:

Computer graphics:

Math and Physics:



Recommended Comments

Thanks for these. I also have Multiplayer Game Programming and think it's a good game development book. It covers a lot in little space, including Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server architecture, reliable UDP, client-side prediction and interpolation, and Steam integration. Also, it's a decent introduction to networking in general.

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@Davindius thank you for your comment. I am going to rewrite the RoboCat game from the book to C#. This book is very important for me because it shows how to use low level API (Winsock, WSA, Windows Socket API). I study System.Net.Sockets. The best way to study something is writing simple clone games. I will write prototype games with local network like: Pong, Snake, Battle City and so on. I will improve these games for practice, for getting skills. Programming is a practice on 80% and 20% - theoretical knowledges. I think so. Sorry for my English.

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Hi there,

As someone who wants to explore the world of Gamedev without getting hands on with game engines this really is a good list. I do have one question though: do you have any recommendations for books approaching this similar topic but using C++ ?

This might be a silly thought (I'm very new to all this, even programming) but what really is the long term difference in obtaining this knowledge with C# rather than C++?

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I study three languages: C#, TypeScript and Python.

My goals:

  • C# - OpenGL 3.1, WinForms, WPF, Unity
  • TypeScript - WebGL 1.0, Three.js, Babylon.js, Phaser, Pixi.js
  • Python - plugins for Blender and Gimp

C# and OpenGL allows to write hybrid (graphics + GUI using WinForms and WPF) non game applications. WebGL and TypeScript allow it online but browser has restrictions. I like to study math (linear algebra, geometry and physic). And I like to study how to make simple game engines for simple games with multiplayer using Node.js, TypeScript, Socket.io, WebSockets with free hosting on Heroku where I can use multiplayer and databases (MongoDB and ClearDB/MySQL). I like to write shaders using math. I study all these stuffs together.

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      Heyo! Can you recommend some online resources for learning Game Programming?
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