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    • By Accelor
      I've been dabbling in programming for quite a while nothing professional, and the reason for that is cause I've always wanted to create games, so while learning I decided a game engine would be the better option and learned unity and I'm able to create some pretty cool stuff like an inventory system the code might not be the best but it works exactly how I visioned it too, but lately I've been wanting to learn how to create everything that makes up a game, like Collisions,Entity system we if go that route, Input system and things like that in Monogame since u basically have to implement all that stuff yourself but what I've realized is that I honestly don't know how to do ANYTHING I almost feel like I don't even know how to program it makes me super demotivated/depressed, I tried to create an Input system Idek where to start its like  im staring at the screen for 4 hours and realized I didnt do anything cause Im lost, I wanna learn how to create good systems too like for input being able to remap to different keys, having multiple keys for an input so keyboard a and keyboard o and gamepad a would be all on the same action things like that, does anyone have tips / book recommendations or anything of the sort for these kinds of things? and how did you learn how to do these things if u can?
    • By JohnArmstrong
      UK Game Studios: I have been approached by an investor who owns several businesses that is interested in acquiring or investing in a games studio.
      They are interested in established studios with a body of published work and/or a game in a significant stage of production.
      They would like to arrange initial calls or meetings with any interested parties and are happy to enter into NDAs to ensure all conversations remain confidential in the early stages. If you would be interested in an initial conversation, then please PM or email me (john@gamevoices.com) and we can take it from there.
      *please do not respond in comments.
    • By Arczire
      Hello! My name is Luke Wood. I dungeon master for my friends' dungeons and dragons games and have been trying amateur voice acting for the past couple of years. I am looking for an opportunity to try and get into this profession. Feel free to message me to see if we can work something out! 
    • By OldManPingu
      Good Morning All,
      I am a person who enjoys any and all aspects of writing. I am looking for some small or medium projects, perhaps even some large projects (should there be a mutual interest) where you need some writing completed. I am happy to create: lore, character backgrounds, world creation, quest creation, marketing materials, website content, game information and basically anything else.
      My portfolio is not huge at the moment, and some very basic examples can be found below.
      If you need any help please let me know, you can contact me via my email
      or Discord
      Note# I'm not looking for any major benefits from this, apart from helping out budding young developers. I will request that I can display examples of work completed on my personal portfolio. 

    • By Uttam Kushwah
      I am working on a RTS + TPP based game in which player can be able to switch between this two gameplay simultaneously. 
      Just for example game will start as RTS in which player can spawn new unit from town center or something like that. After game progresses forward player can select a single unit from his/her army and will be able to play as TPP wtih that unit in between his/her own army on ground to destroy the enemies army as goes in typical RTS. The difference is he/she will be down there with his/her army as a part of it. It means the rest of the unit of player's army will be controlled by the AI and the one unit player selected will be controlled by the player as TPP. The conversion of views from RTS to TPP or vice versa is done by camera animation attaching itself to player unit or the top view of the war field. The best part is player can switch between this two views as many times he/she want. Player really can be part of the war(as TPP) which is going down there and give mass commands to it's own army from up there(in RTS view). Any unit which is a mobile unit is eligible for player's third person control.
      It will be like A soul switching the human bodies and dictator giving command simultaneously. 
      Now my doubts are
      1) the idea Is lame,obscure,dumb
      2) the idea is foolish player won't like it.
      3) the idea is been already implemented.
      4) the idea is very difficult to achieve.
      5) I am dumb.
      6) the idea is wonderful and worth a try(no matter what i am gonna do it)
      My objective is not to make a fully functional game to play, it will be just a prototype.
       I am doing it from scratch reasons i won't mention for not to bother you all.
      so anyone who want to give his/her advice on this are greatly appreciated.😀 😀

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