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SFX My Footsteps Sound Effects !

Olivier Girardot


Hello there !

Today I want to share with you my footsteps sound effects. This is just a selection among a long list of footsteps that I have in my collection. In this list you will find of people wearing different sort of equipment like armors, chain mails, and space suits or traditional clothes walking on surfaces like snow, sand, concrete, gravel, water, wood and so on. 


Don't forget to check out my website and subscribe to my newsletter to get some really cool free sounds all along the year: www.ogsoundfx.com


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Wow! Very cool! :)

I was on your site today and wanted to know if you do a lot of custom music as well or just SFX? I noticed you have a music section but only 8 tracks.

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Hi Rutin ! Thanks again for your support !

Yes I do music as well, as a matter of fact I initially started as a music composer and found a new passion for sound design on the way.

Here is my music website, it's much less video game oriented: http://www.ogmusik.com

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Very nice work. I see your music is being used to promote different industries which is really cool.

I wasn't able to use any of your packs for my challenge game on GameDev.net here, as I didn't have enough time to finish... :D My commercial game will be needing assets at some point either way and I'll note down that you do music as well as I might need a composer if I don't do it in house.

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That sounds awesome ! Contact me any time.

And the offer for a discount on my sound effects on ogsoundfx.com still stands. Maybe next time ;)

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