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Dungeon Crawler Challenge Complete!



I apologize for the delay in a recap, but the Dungeon Crawler Challenge is complete, and here are the entries! The timeframe made this a tough challenge and perhaps is something we should consider for the future, but it was great to watch the development of these entries from the dev blogs to their final outcome. I hope it was a great learning experience for all involved, and perhaps some of these games are released into the wild on one of the many game stores.

Some of these entries take me back to the early RPG days, some remind me of my minor Diablo addiction, and others are reminiscent of the more modern crawler. I also appreciate how a lot of the entries include references to GameDev.net. Lots of creativity here!

I'll configure all the entrants' awards shortly.

The entries, in no particular order: 

Quest for the Ban Hammer by @kseh

Topic: link
Postmortem: link


Psy by @r1ckparker

Topic: link
Postmortem: link


Dawn by @Endurion

Topic: link


Depths of Orpheus by @DavinCreed


Topic: link



DungeonBot3000 by @JTippetts

Topic: link
Postmortem: link


The Fire of Ardor by @cpfr

Topic: link
Postmortem: link


Guardians of the 7 Gates @Hermetix

Topic: link
Postmortem: link


What's next?

Another challenge of course! Stay tuned. :)

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Awesome! And now that I'm done, I have time to check out the other entries.

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