From the blog "Game Challenges"

I'm going to start doing my own personal challenges which are not time based, but I will be attempting to complete them as fast as possible and up to the requirements listed. These games are going to be smaller scale as I intend on completing a lot of different types of games for fun. There will be specific requirements, and once they're met the challenge will be completed, and I'll begin the next one. I'm hoping to have a large list of games done within the year.  These are also not intended to be polished releases by any means. Now what better way to start than a game we all know, chess!   Challenge 1 - 3D Chess Requirements: - Create a chess game that follows all movement rules including castling, double-stepping, and en passant. - Main Menu to start a new game and leave the game - Have an indicator that will show all possible movement paths, including if you're able to take or you're blocked by a piece. - Game Over / Win Screen with an option to play again or return to the main menu - 2 Player Local (Game will not have any form of AI) - All assets used must be assets I've created (Graphics, Music, SFX, ect...) I'll be posting frequent updates on this and should have something shortly to post.  My approach to all these challenges will be prototype first then assets after. I will update this post with links to all the parts. Parts: