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Party Power: Week 4 of #8WeekGameDev. FlipTiles:Runner



Latest iOS beta version link on TestFlight  https://testflight.apple.com/join/IJDl9FXC

This is Week 4 of an 8 week game dev. A link to the PC browser version is here.
This week's focus is on new powers and a party system.



The top 2/3 of the screen is the same. At the bottom, there is now a 5 member party. On the left is the leader, who will be on the board. The next 4 members allow you to use their powers. If the members are in the same theme as the leader their powers will take twice as long to cool down. If they are from a different theme they take 4x as long to cool down. In the upper part of the display solid grey characters are already in the party so can't be added to the party. Solid black still means unacquired. The arrows are used to add a character to the party.

  new powers are
  U-turns - turn a character around but not the tile.
  kill & break - remove enemies or walls when colliding
  ghost - pass through enemies and walls.
  2x  & 3x - multiple the score.
  slow & fast - change the speed of the avatar


At the top of the screen, I added active power icons. Powers like Speed, 2x or ghost that have a duration. I used the same cooldown design as powers.  No green box means it cannot be pressed.

I sped up the slow mode from 5 to 7 speed.
Added bouncing off the top of the screen as mentioned last week this keeps the game interesting at the beginning.
I added a fix for playing on a Mac browser. Unity only uses 1/2 resolution on mac retina out of the box.
  WebGL Retina Tools 3.2

What I learned from playing this week:
I need FX for kill & break.
I need a pause and help function.
I got an idea for balancing power use. Every time a power is used it will take longer to cool down. When all powers have been used the cooldowns move back towards their original speed.

Please try out the game on Kongregate, feedback is always welcome.


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