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PS4 Has A New RPG Rival, Breakout: The Dark Prison



PS4 is one of the most profitable and prosperous consoles of all time. During its lifecycle, players have enjoyed many big-budget blockbusters. Some of which belong to the role-playing genre. For instance, Fromsoftwares Dark Souls III, or Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series, to name a few. What these games share in commonality, is core mechanics and intricate, in-game systems designed to promote the role-playing experience.

Now, a new contender on the scene threatens to give those prominent PS4 games a run for their money. Welcome to the stage, Breakout: The Dark Prison. An exciting new entry into the action RPG genre. So, let's examine the game making great strides in the market. By stripping it down to the bare parts, we can reveal what similarities it shares with its PS4 peers. Many of the multi-faceted systems will be familiar to genre veterans. With that in mind, let's take a more in-depth look at the game revitalizing a genre.

Brutal Boss Battles

There are a few striking similarities with Dark Souls on the PS4, and these appear throughout Breakout: The Dark Prison experience. Almost all of them benefit the player. Mainly, these relate to the inclusion of boss battles. A vital ingredient of any great RPG is the boss fights it contains. Besides, boss battles can help issue a sense of challenge, provide purpose and aid progression. Thankfully, Breakout: The Dark Prison thrives in this regard.

Impressively, bosses vary in style and creativity. What's more, each boss has a distinguished look, alongside a unique set of skills and character traits. In Breakout: The Dark Prison, each floor has a guardian or Lord Boss to defeat. Upon completion, you'll progress up the mission tiers. Better still, each fierce foe requires the player to deploy different tactics, should you wish to emerge the victor of the spoils.

What's more, each boss gets progressively harder, the deeper you roam into the game. Just like Dark Souls on the PS4, final fights are brutally punishing, but offer a fruitful reward. The likelihood is, you'll die a dozen or so times before learning the power moves and patterns at play. Only upon knowledge of enemy strengths and susceptibilities, will you stand a chance of crushing the nemesis before you. For instance, The Dreaded Behemoth has a devastating leap attack and deals mass-damage with its duel-wielding swords. Despite this power, the beast is not very agile and moves in a cumbersome manner. Thus, allowing you to flank, evade and jab from behind.


Controls and their natural fluidity are essential in any action RPG. Besides, games like Assassin's Creed Odyssey on the PS4, rely solely on the responsiveness of controls and a smooth UI to support the action-packed gameplay on screen. Truthfully, clunky controls can ruin the immersion. As combat plays such a pivotal role, tight and finely-tuned controls can make or break an RPG game. Breakout: The Dark Prison boasts of a user-friendly control system which coincides with a streamlined UI. Both of which complement each other to produce an experience that's silky smooth.

The button config is straightforward and easy to grasp. With simple touch-sensitive pads and large icons which initiate combat at the touch of a button, you can focus on the core game without the need to worry about button mapping, handling, and navigation. In tune with other action RPG's on the PS4, Breakout: The Dark Prison has a slick interface, making the game accessible and enjoyable to all.


Visuals, though not vital, help give the game authenticity. All the while, graphics boost levels of immersion. Games like Dark Souls on the PS4, have a bold art direction. Hence, making the game stand-out and instilling a unique identity within. Breakout: The Dark Prison, emulates this element, with the standard of its visuals, which push Android operating systems to the limit of their capabilities. The result is distinctive visuals flushed with detail. Everything from the character models to the scenery possesses pristine polish and rich palettes of color. All of which help to set the scene and allow you to invest in Breakout: The Dark Prison. Much like those RPG's on the PS4.

As you can see, Breakout: The Dark Prison contains all the components necessary to be a great RPG game. With super-tight controls, eye-popping visuals and brutal boss battle's, the game carries all the hallmarks of a classic role-playing title. Hopefully, the game can attain the heights of those that have set the benchmark on the PS4.

Of course, the early indications are promising, looking ahead to the future. Surely, Breakout: The Dark Prison pledges to set the gold-standard when it hits shelves in the not too distant future. From what we know so far, Breakout: The Dark Prison has the potential to be a trailblazer of the genre, especially for the Android market.


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