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Game of Chess - Day 2



As promised, here is a video of the enemy AI starting to work. I've only just started and there are still some bugs in the heuristic, it moves into positions where a piece is threatened where it should not. And it doesn't yet have any concept of check, check mate and en passant and castling, and exchanging pawns.

The lookahead is only 1 move so far so it isn't that intelligent, but I wanted to post this as I may be busy with shopping etc before I can improve things. I'll also try and get some menus in soon to build a framework for the game.


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:) I noticed your pieces look different. ;) 

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11 hours ago, Rutin said:

:) I noticed your pieces look different. ;) 

Yup, I tweaked them a little bit to try and make them more recognisable. Still a work in progress, they are just low poly models in blender so fairly easy to change. :) I may opt for some texture mapping later on just to make them easy to differentiate, perhaps with some ambient occlusion to make the shapes more obvious.

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