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Project: Game of Chess

Game of Chess - Menus, Music, Sound Framework



Once I had the basic AI working I have been doing a bit of housekeeping but much closer to finishing, I have taken my menu, sound and music code from my Frogger game and tried to make them into a generic framework I can slot into later games. At the moment the menus are pretty identical to Frogger but I can change them.

The AI is also a bit better with the heuristic since last time, you can see it a bit better here:

Next stop is:

  • Put in more than 1 move lookahead
  • improve the heuristic further
  • En passant, castling
  • and recognise Checkmate

Once that is done it should almost be ready for first alpha release. Then I'll want to improve the looks, make it easier to recognise pieces, change the background and put in some more helper graphical indicators to better show threats to pieces.


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That's quite the set of sounds. Can't help but think that every game should go quite fast.

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1 hour ago, kseh said:

That's quite the set of sounds. Can't help but think that every game should go quite fast.

Yep it should be easy to put more in too. I guess if I'm going to use sound I need some variation so the sounds don't get annoying.

8 minutes ago, Rutin said:

Nice work! :) For En passant see this video: https://youtu.be/ySLE5fL_Zgk?t=44

Ah that is quite a good explanation! It should be fairly easy to put in.

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