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#UnityTips #82

Bryan Mehr


We are happy to bring you this week's selection of the top #UnityTips from the past week made by our friends on Twitter. It has been a real joy seeing the community respond to these so positively. We get so much out of it ourselves. Please enjoy and happy game building! 




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    • By Rof
      Hello guys! I am new to Unity3D and also new with C#. I am currently working on a 2D Platformer game. This would be my first game ever. I really need some help in coding and animation. I was able to create script already for my Player Movement. I already have the basics coded and working (Walking, Jumping, Attack, Dash). I also have an extra feature which allows the player to jump longer if he/she presses Space for a longer period of time.

      I just need help in fixing the Jump + Attack. Whenever the player Jumps and Attacks at the same time, the character will ignore the x velocity of the object and will only continue the x velocity after the attack animation.

      I'll really appreciate any help that you can give me 
      Have a great day!
    • By miniaturedog
      Hello all, I am a current high school senior with no prior experience with game development or programming in general. I'm applying to several different colleges for a bachelor's degree in a computer science field, but I'd like to learn some preliminary knowledge in the months before I begin post-secondary education. However, as a member of an extremely low-income family, I won't have access to a computer until I start college and can only use my phone for now. Is there a way I could still learn effectively through this method? If so, where should I start?
    • By chell
      I am currently in school for Game Development and for an assignment I have to make a prototype that showcases my writing skills. I am developing a choice based Twine game as my prototype but I have a few questions. The basic premise is focusing on the emotional consequences and traumas of fighting in a mech during war time.

      How long should the prototype be in order to showcase my writing skills?

      Should I include any limited art? I am not good at developing 2D art assets and I'm worried that adding some might detract from writing. 
    • By TreektusPL
      Hi everyone!
      I'd like to introduce you to my android game.
      Sphere Control is a simple adventure and recreation game. In the game, we move the ball. The game has currently completed 10 levels. Each level differs from the previous one and introduces new elements to the game, eg a new trap, obstacle, mechanism. Our task is to get all the crystals at a given level. We will be hindered by various traps, obstacles such as moving objects and tasks that we must solve earlier. The game is in a low-poly style.
      The game is now available on Google Play: play.google.com/Sphere-Control
      Website: worthout.com
      FB: facebook.com/Worthout

    • By snacktime
      Looking for feedback from someone who has done this, mainly just to confirm that my guestimates are not way off.  I know enough to be dangerous not my area of expertise.
      Trying to budget for a custom 3D skeletal animation system with cross fading and 2 layer blending.  Context is Unity.
      My thought is someone who has done it before could probably get the core features working in some form in a month.  But by the time you factor in everything like bugs, performance refactors, platform specific gotcha's, whatever, it's probably around a 6 month job to get something actually usable in game.
      Does that sound reasonable?

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