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Untouched Earth - Back after a long hiatus



I looked at my blog postings today and realized I haven't posted to the blog in close to 6 months. Wow! Where's the accountability there?!? I took two months off to take a programming and mathematics course, but have been hard at work ever since. The game has changed a lot, and I've made some great improvements that are making for a fun and exciting adventure!


Check out the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqGXKwghea8

Like us on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Watermoongames/

Visit our website here: https://www.untouchedearth.com

Created a story

When I started developing Untouched Earth, I had no idea which direction the story was going. I knew I wanted to create a 2D side scrolling jungle adventure, but, as far as the story was concerned, I had no idea. Over the last couple months I've nailed down what the game is all about. I've created several cut scenes, started developing the characters, and have a beginning, middle, and end. The story is as follows:



"Untouched Earth is a 2D side scrolling indie adventure game set to release on PC in the Summer of 2019. It's about a young man named Samuel whose fiance, Willow, went missing a year ago. Samuel finds himself in a deep depression as he questions the point of continuing his life. One day, while writing at his desk, Samuel hears a knock on the door and finds Willow's journal mysteriously sitting on the doorstep. The journal reveals that Willow came to possess a map that leads to a hidden temple deep within a forbidden land known as The Untouched Earth. Samuel goes to find Willow, and embarks on a journey that leads him through danger and discovery as he battles the strong pull of his depression."


Completely redesigned the levels

Let's face it, the levels were a complete mess. They were hard to navigate, play testers were clearly getting bored, and they weren't focused enough. I decided to make four strong levels. Each level is linear, meaning the player doesn't have the choice of taking multiple paths to get to one destination. As a point of interest,  the game is about the Hero dealing with his depression. Each level is intended to be metaphorical of his process. Not sure if the symbolism will be lost on players, but it's what I am going for. There are now four levels and two, soon to be three, boss fights. 

Level 1: Raindrop Jungle


Level 2: Watercress Mountains


Level 3: Graveyard Caverns


Level 4: Summerset Jungle

I'll give more updates in future posts. That's all for now! Please like the game on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Watermoongames/ and, as always, direct any questions or comments to watermoongames@gmail.com


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Your words are very kind, Awoken :) . Thank you for the feedback. 

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