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    • By MasterReDWinD
      I am trying to move some of my C# code for a noise implementation onto a Unity HLSL compute shader.  Unfortunately some of the functions returns arrays.  I have looked at several resources in an attempt to find out how to do this but I still don't have a working solution.  I did find a similar question on here (see the bottom of this post).  In this case using `out' was suggested.  Is this the correct way to handle this?  If so what would the correct syntax be for a function which also has three parameters, such as:
      int[] CornerPoints(float x, float y, float z) In this case the returned array will be a multidimensional array.
      int[8,3] .Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated.
    • By Jellehtot
      I'm currently developing a full-on isometric pixel-art asset pack for Unity's Isometric Tile system (hopefully could go into other programs too), which will hopefully go on the asset store.
      The environments I'm currently making are dungeon-esque, and I'm working with a designer to get an idea of how best to set this up.

      I'd really like some suggestions to what should go into this project! Such as what types of assets could be added, and any tips to make this pack easier to use for designers/programmers!
      My current goals are to make multiple types of isometric block sprites (currently a lot of bricks, to say the least), environment props (such as the ones above), and hopefully go on to create some animated characters/enemies (which I've already started to experiment with the little guy down below 😊).

      Oh, and colour suggestions would be great! I'm currently making everything grey-scale to easily change them in the future. I've looked into having Unity change the colour of sprites, but I don't know how to apply this to tile maps. (Any info on this would be great. 😓) Otherwise, I'll be creating set colours to choose from!
      More examples:

    • By RoKabium Games
      Unfortunately, we couldn't make it over to GDC, but we did make a tiny appearance. We fitted out our marketing guy Erik from Indie Bros. with a SAMA T-Shirt! Did anyone spot him?
    • By Gautti
      Hi, Anybody knows how to use the reference of Spine.Unity.Editor in outside the Editor folder in Unity. Because right now I have to access method of spine editor script in MonoBehaviour. But it gives me a build time error. so what should I do for working fine ?

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