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    • By maxmaxmax
      I have a bitmap file that I created in photoshop that contains an alpha channel. When I try to use texconv to create the texture, the resulting texture only contains a fully white alpha channel instead of the alpha channel that I created in photoshop. The arguments that I passed to texconv are:
      -f BC3_UNORM .\cat_bmp.bmp -dx10 -y the output from texconv is this message:
      reading .\cat_bmp.bmp (600x400 B8G8R8X8_UNORM 2D) as (600x400,10 BC3_UNORM 2D α:Opaque) writing cat_bmp.DDS I find it suspicious that the output says that it`s reading alpha as "Opaque" since the result I get is an alpha mask that is fully white... which sounds like what the output means by an "opaque" alpha.
      What could be causing my alpha channel to turn all white?
    • By prodbydakota
      Roles to Fill: 3D Animators/3D Modelers, C# Programmers , Game Designers/UI Designers, Game Sound Engineers
      We are small group with a 3-4 person crew looking for motivated individuals to join our startup game.
      The ideal participant can work from home. We welcome students and hobbyists of all ages to contribute to our project to help build, design, skin/model, or do sound engineering in this 3D game who are familiar with Unity3D.
      We are currently funding the project out of pocket meaning compensation will be rewarded to active participants in terms of revenue-share contract. Our projects involves Standard FPS Shooter Dynamics cloning that of Source Engine's Counter Strike Source and primary centered around the surfing mod and it's combat. Permanent employment is a potential opportunity here once we go live for public access within a year of testing.

      For a project comparison please refer to these clips of surf_greatriver gameplay:

      The Project will be built using Unity engine, Unity 2019.1.0b4 beta to be exact. Any contributing skills would be helpful.

      Great River is a Unity game made with Forge networking. The final product will be a standalone & polished version of the surf_greatriver map from the Counter Strike: Source Workshop. This game will be developed as a NON-PAY-TO-WIN platform and will feature improved UI, map details/ systems, and textures that will make Great River a standalone title worth playing.
      Dakota is actively seeking developers to aid in finishing this project. All active participants of development and testing will receive Custom Skins unique to the developers and play testers at time of launch. You will also be credited within the game and you may include a little message to a loved one or a blurb that will be viewable by all players on the credits scene. If your contribution is vital to the operations of the game you will also receive production credit and royalty options. If you are a fan of surf_greatriver or the Counter Strike Source Surf Mod and wish to participate, please send me an email at: mgmt@prodbydakota.com
      Current Contributors: // Dakota (Prodbydakota) - Project Lead (Ongoing) // Simon (Pixelpoint) - Dev. Consulting Work // NFMynster - Systems Dev. Work // Shelby Juno - Animation and Rendering Work //
      A fully working FPS shooter with a simple map and a main menu
      A networked weapon system with several weapons and easy flexibility
      Seperated world & view model system
      Player customization with player name and player skin, saved locally and fully networked!
      Animated & networked characters!
      Player health, respawn, spawnpoints
      HUD & UI
      Incomplete Core Tasks:
      Master server registration. This is very easy to setup with Forge though.
      NAT Punchthrough server. Forge offers a natpunch which I'm not using for this project.
      Server browser. This project is direct connect only, however Forge comes with examples of both a lobby system and a server browser.
      An actual gamemode, however everything you need for creating your own is there (A gamemode class)
      Any sounds at all
      No options menu! The game is using some post processing that you can't turn off ingame. If you computer is struggling to run this, disable it on the player's camera.
      There are few minor bugs in the project, if you find some crucial one report them to: mgmt@prodbydakota.com
      Google Docs Dev Sheet
      If you wish to see more details about the tools and processes planning to be implemented you can so here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DRI1SISvLvwUHpyg1LEfn5ova_G8tR3ffZ0LVthLzfA/edit?usp=sharing
    • By RoKabium Games
      Lelantos has an abundance of fossils, you can make some extra cash by collecting them all.
    • By Zeath Sanford
      [Project Name]: Yami
      Program/Language: Unity using C#, version 2018.2.10F1, GitHub use for version control.
      Roles Required: [ Animation, others ]
      •[Animator]: 2D, Pixel Art and Vector if possible we have all other role positions filled and are generating tons of art without an we are in need of animation of that artwork
      •[Special Role]: We need someone who is interested in documentation we have a writer but we need someone to help with organizing documents and meeting times.
      •[All other roles]: There is always room for someone of different skill sets not listed if we see your application we may just add you we always email you as soon as possible after you apply.
      [Project Description]: `https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LQuc0iuyqBwLHfJLsAzNFCmmv2BnoheJJMwVk1mm0Lg`
      [Recruiting New Members Form] : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNFlGEhzDjbk3VkKwPf6LKQVkkhnD-Xm_LQA84evJ99jcfhA/viewform
      [Genres]: MetroidVania/Puzzle/2D
      1. Trello is used for organization
      2. Git and Sourctree: to share the project and work on branches
      3. GoogleDrive: to share files and documents
      4. Unity
      Yami is a multiplayer, MetroidVania, adventure game, focusing on puzzle-based discovery through the usage of platforming, portals, and lore puzzles as you progress. Players will control two characters, Yuki and Yuyo, who are brothers who can each control Yami powers, although differently. Yuki, the older sibling, has a pure version of the Yami magic, while Yuyo has a corrupted version.
      Team size: 10

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