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BIZARRE Sprint 35 plus 36

Hi! 🙂

First of all, a release date:


The book writing is finished. More than 400 pages of bizarre material gets published on 26 April as eBook and paperback on Amazon. 
In German. Sorry! Anybody out there for an English translation? Spanish? French? No? 😉

Plus, it is planned to publish the new GameplayVideo on 20 May. We want the GameplayVideo to show you the essence of the game, i.e. it's bizarre character as well as how the main-character Charly Clearwater is running into insanity while fulfilling the 13 wishes. We want to give you a first idea of the game's quality and what do you have to expect more or less when it is published later on. 

We got some issue fixed during the last sprints:

We adapted Clearwater's facial animations. We also improved his walking, running and stair-climbing animations. We optimized Clearwater's gunplay but haven't completed this item yet.

Unfortunately, we must fix some Bugs in Blueprint to make his gunplay behavior fluent and correct. All these different animations, from one-hand gunplay to two-hand gunplay, from reloading to shooting, from walking to aiming and, etc. must switch or toggle without ugly interruptions. We need to take account of Clearwater's movements when calculating the correct angle for shooting at an enemy.
...to name a few of the issues that need to be solved in the sprint 36.

Yes, we implemented a shooting button and a gun status bar as you can see in the new GameplayVideo. 

And yes, we furnished Clearwater's terrace and a metro, look!


We completed Clearwater's neighborhood. Say hello!

Concept art and implementation. As a player you'll be able to walk through Clearwaters world-outside later on. 

We also tried to deploy the game on the iPhone to test the implemented shooting buttons but we failed.
As it took a lot of time to find the reason for this problem, we postponed this item to a later sprint. After the publication of the book and GameplayVideo.

We made more textures cuz we love it!

Our plans for the current sprint:

  • We want to optimize Clearwater's gunplay till perfection
  • We want to re-texture Clearwater's clothes while using a much better texture tool
  • We want to proofread the book BIZARRE Episode I and we want to publish it for pre-ordering
  • We want to create destructible items and shooting visuals for the new video 
  • We want to produce a nice background song for the new GameplayVideo
  • We want to make a first test GameplayVideo to find Bugs and ugliness that we'll eliminate when found
  • We want to transfer the elements from the book into the game

The plot of the book BIZARRE Episode I is the story of the game, yes.
We want to transfer all the craziness and madness of the book into the game, although the 13 wishes from the book aren't playable. What we want to try now is to plan and to define the whole game by using the books elements because the book is the baseline for the game. Of course, the book is gonna be much more insane and horror, weirder and crazier than the game.
Therefore, it's our task to translate the craziness from the book into the game in a proper way. I mean, in a way that the game is still horror and bizarre but also humorous and thrilling, suspense-packed, etc.

We want to publish a rough draft of all game elements, all sequences and all levels that we intend to implement in the game. That's the plan. 

Have a nice week!


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