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Project: Project Taival

Dev Diary #011 - One Step at a Time



Hello again, nice to see you at this weeks Dev Diary! :)

This weeks topics are;

  • More YouTube content coming.
  • a Simpler game to be the first one to come out.

Without further ado;


Content Updates

My dear friend asked me if I had planned any Live-Streaming of my workflow. Sadly, I don't have the courage yet to make a live-streaming of my workflow. I always try to get to a "flow" state, and Live-Streaming is a hindrance in that sense. I won't say no to it indefinitely, I will keep that as a possibility for the future. How ever, I will be releasing the recordings in a more friendly format for watching, at nearly real-time speed.


This is done by semi-automatic cutting methods, where I first deleted every duplicate frame, that were still for more than a second. Next, I cut the video to pieces according to project area. The picture above is just to show the whole frame count of the video after the Pre-Processing pass with FFMPEG and a few manually cut scenes of my Desktop, Windows messages and the picture errors that happened while recording the video.

The first part will be about 15 minutes long and the second part might be over 40 minutes, as I make a lot more of the generic assets in that one. I might still cut it from the appropriate places to make the videos shorter, so that the Generic furniture of the Kitchen area would be at least in 3 parts total.


The black bar below the videos will be used for the playlist of the video. Currently I have plans for showing the Album cover of the songs, the name of the ReMix and remixer and the original song name. I also would like to make a timer counting down how long the song will last and animate the transition to a new song. I just have to see how to make a clear but advanced looking status bar, preferably having a 3D look to it. I will try both Blender and After Effects for this and see which one has the better workflow.


Another Game?

First and foremost, the Horror title that I have been releasing material from thus far will remain my main priority. I came to this conclusion to make another game first, after making the main menu and watching many tutorials on how to make a 2D game in unity. Since it will be much faster to make a 2D game, I will be able to finish one game quicker and that can act as advertisement for the Horror Title. Fiddling with the Photoshop so much, how ever, got me hooked on image editing, which is just the right kind of energy needed for creating a 2D game. The idea for the game is still in the back burner and I'm still figuring out what it could be about, but I will make it as simple as possible, in order to have it released within a month from starting it. More information on that when I have started the side-project.

The game will be a mobile title, which I will make using Unity. It will function as a simple demonstration of what I have learned and will be fully animated 2D or 2.5D game. The work on this title will start at earliest after I have completed editing the videos for the Project Taival YouTube -channel.

I realize that announcing a side-project before the first one is ready can be seen as alarming for people, especially when the projects are made by a single person, who has no previous releases to show. But all the more reason for me to not fudge this up :) I welcome the peer pressure as motivation for me and I do hope to see you supporting me in spirit in this endeavor.

That's it for this weeks Dev Diary and I hope to see you next week!

PS. Any suggestions for either game are still most welcome. What could I do differently on these Dev Diaries to make them more interesting? Any constructive criticism is most welcome.

You can keep your self up-to-date about the project on these official channels;



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Is that Sketchup your using?  If it is that is a great program.  So easy to use and so easy to make 3D content.  Good choice.... if it is, haha.

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Yes, thats Sketchup alright :) It really is a great program, very intuitive and easy to use. I do hope it was easier to do rounded objects, like handles with it, but seems like using multiple editing software's is the way to go for now. Not sure if I should use Blender in conjunction to make the door handles, for example. Haven't found an easy way to make unevenly round shapes, like egg shapes for example, on Sketchup yet.

Would you happen to have any pointers for me, by chance?

Edited by ProjectTaival

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