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Graphics Programming weekly - Issue 77 — March 17, 2019

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There will be no newsletter next week. I am at GDC all week. Will be returning as usual on April 1st.

  • the latest update adds support to run the D3D12 game on windows 7
  • user mode d3d12 implementation without win10 kernel level optimizations
  • no public information about the implementation details yet

  • follow up to the post discussed in issue 75
  • presents a way to speed up the presented technique by 2.34x
  • discussion of the rendering error using the Eric Heitz method discussed above

  • pix for windows now supports High-Frequency Counters
  • This allows that hardware counters are sampled multiple times per draw/dispatch and allows further insight into GPU activity

  • a ray tracing system for Wolfenstein 3D using only WebGL 1
  • a hybrid approach, raytraced shadows, diffuse GI and reflections
  • overview of the implementation for the different elements
  • how to apply temporal stability and noise reduction filters

  • explains the concepts of textures, mip-mapping, sampling
  • shows the different filtering, addressing mode available on texture samplers
  • describes how to use DirectXTex to load textures and upload them into GPU memory
  • introduction into compute shaders and how to use them to generate mipmaps

  • a new low distortion mapping between squares and triangles that is also cheap to compute
  • can be used for random sampling of points with a uniform density
  • program for the I3D conference in Montreal has been published
  • presents 3 optimizations that can be applied to BVH to increase performance
    • usage of inverse ray direction, ray traversal early-out and surface area heuristic for construction of the BVH
  • the comments contain a few more tips for increased performance

Thanks to Matt Pharr for support of this series.

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