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Daniel Ricci


So, after a little over a year of software development trying to remake the Windows 95 version of Solitaire, I finally stamped a release build on it. A nice wave of emotions followed by a few glasses of Crown Royal to commemorate closing that chapter in my life. I told myself that would be the last time that I would write a game in Java for a long while, it's time to move on.

Java was the first OOP language that I got taught in University when I was doing my undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and I learned it using Eclipse, this was over 10 years ago. For the past two years I made a couple of games to get back into the grove of working on side projects because there are only so many business applications one can write before insanity kicks in. 

Since then I made Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Chess, Minesweeper 95, and Solitaire 95. I also wrote a software library to make Java Swing a lot more bearable, almost like a light weight framework that added some game development concepts to Swing such as a better message passing system and a better implementation of the Observable pattern.

I also wrote a program to create tile maps that could be exported into all the games that I mentioned above. I added some functionality that would generate and compile Java code at runtime, compile it, and create bindings that I would hook onto in my game to be able to extract data elements that I defined within this editor program.

For my next project I really want to challenge myself and see what I'm made of. So, I decided to buy a TI-84 Plus CE, and I'm going to program games in assembly, and of course make a blog about all of this along the way. For my first game on this calculator I will be remaking the game `Snake`.

So far as of writing this I have a basic understanding of the hardware specs and the software stack. I have all the requirements installed and I have tested out a demo application to make sure that the assembler that I am using works and that I can upload programs to the calculator and run them. I will not write any of my games in TI-BASIC or C, I am strictly going to be working in Assembly so that I can earn my wings as a Computer Scientist.

In the coming weeks I will start posting regular updates about my progress, until then I have a lot of prototyping to do.


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Ooo nice! I loved using my TI-83 Plus years back. :) So many games I played on that.

I cannot wait to see what your next project is. Keep up the great work!

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