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Breakout: The Dark Prison, The Best ARPG Of 2019



Breakout: The Dark Prison is due to release in the summer of 2019. Moreover, this exciting ARPG will enter a rapidly growing market. In recent years, the sub-genre has seen a slew of releases — some of which stand-out as household titles. In truth, the ARPG format is a niche bracket. Especially in the Android/iOS market. Even more, reason then, for this game to flourish in its respective field.

Commonly, games within this sub-genre contain complex systems, heavy dungeon-crawling elements, and an extensive progression tree. All of which coincides with an integrated battle system. Either turn-based or otherwise. Only when these systems successfully infuse, do we get a must-play experience. On that note, Breakout: The Dark Prison is in line to be a smash hit this summer. But which games share similar systems? And why is it that Breakout: The Dark Prison looks set to raise the benchmark for android ARPG titles?

With that in mind, below, are a handful of the reasons why Latersoft's latest venture is expected to take the genre by storm. As this article will testify, Breakout: The Dark Prison is hands-down one of the best Android/iOS action RPG games coming in 2019.

One of the best games in the market at present is Implosion-Never Lose Hope. What sets this game apart are the high production values and visual polish. Both of which go hand-in-hand with its addicting gameplay, and wonderfully inventive bosses. Luckily, Breakout: The Dark Prison shares many of the themes that make 'Implosion' such as genre great, and a blast to play.

Much like 'Implosion,' Breakout; The Dark Prison is a highly immersive experience. Mainly, because of the extensive variety of game-play systems on offer to the player. In short, Breakout: The Dark Prison has a player progression system unlike any other whereby players can shape their character in the manner of their choosing. Thus, a sense of destiny lies firmly in the palms of the player.

For instance, XP tots up any of the main skill tiers. Each of which has a profound influence on game-play, impacting upon style and execution. It's this flexibility that instills a sense of freedom.

Similarly, to 'Implosion,' Breakout: The Dark Prison boasts of immense production values. In all but every department. Particularly concerning its graphical capabilities. Frankly, for an Android game, the visuals genuinely take your breath away, pushing the hardware to its conceivable limits. That said, the attention to detail is present all around. Everything from the fleshed-out backdrops, to the crisp character models, looks fantastic. Not to mention the artistic boss designs. It is clear, therefore, that a lot of love and craft has gone into this game, and it benefits because of this fact.

Finally, we come to combat. Just like Implosion - Never Lose Hope, Breakout: The Dark Prison exhibits a multi-layered combat mechanic that's both rewarding and satisfying in equal measure. Mostly, Breakout: The Dark Prison stands out from the pack, courtesy of its fine-tuned systems which strike a delicate balance. Alongside a slick UI, which compliments the fast-paced, hack and slash combat. In all honesty, the more you invest in Breakout: The Dark Prison, the higher the personal reward.

All in all, some games fit the mold of an ARPG better than others — besides, it's a difficult genre to nail. Thankfully, Breakout: The Dark Prison is a well-rounded, and polished experience. And one that extracts the very best from both its RPG and action elements. The result is a game surely destined to be the best action RPG game on an Android/iOS device in 2019. Finally, the summer is set to be a sensation, with the arrival of Breakout: The Dark Prison and the good news is, we've not got long to wait.


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