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The quality of 2019 mobile game - Breakout: the Dark Prison can challenge the PS4 and PC



Have you ever played a hack-and-slash video game? If no, then maybe this game is for you. In the game, you will experience a perfect mixture of action, adventure, and third-person exploration gameplay elements. I was heavily inspired by this game upon watching its trailer on YouTube. The trailer starts with a moving truck on the road when a girl appeared and interacting with the abducted girl. After that, a rocket was released from somewhere to destroy the truck. As the rocket hit the truck, a massive blast completely destroys the truck. Then, a character appeared using the stealth elements to advance through the environment to complete his objective. 
About Breakout The Dark Prison
Breakout: The Dark Prison is an Action-Adventure and Horror video game developed by LaterSoft for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The game takes place in the stunning environment full of bloodthirsty zombies who are roaming freely to find survivors and turn them into brainless creatures. As the protagonist, you’re capable of navigating the landscapes from a third-person viewpoint, interact with the environment, and struggle to complete the assigned tasks to advance. 
The 3D setting enables you to free navigation and encounter bandits, zombies, and other deadly creatures which stand in your way in order to fend off you by completing your objectives. The game has both PvP (Player versus Player) and Campaign Warfare. The choices are yours; what mode you will select to play.  
Playable Characters 
The game introduces several playable characters and enables the player to choose his favorite one to start the game. Each character has its unique skills, abilities, and personality that the player uses in his favor to take down enemies and reaches to the target to achieve all goals and master every weapon. While playing the game, you will discover that each character has its unique play style, set of weapons and equipment. However, if you don’t the appearance of your selected avatar, you have an ability to go to customization to modify the look of the chosen character. 
Moreover, the movement of enemies determined with the behavior and action of the player. In short, the game provides you with a chance to become a hero, explore the tough environment full of challenging hazards and save the world from being destroyed. Engage yourself in third-person navigation and complete all assigned objectives by Non-player characters to become a hero. 
The places you in the role of a father who is looking for his kidnapped daughter. The story follows the protagonist who can use a set of deadly weapons, as well as melee combat and weapons to defeat the upcoming waves of enemies to make points. According to the plot, your daughter is in danger and looking for your help. She is captured somewhere along with her companion, a teddy bear. 
The game throws the player to the hidden and forgotten realms full of vicious monsters, bandits, and deadly zombies. So, it is the aim of the player to survive and begin to reveal the dark secrets one by one to move on. While power-up himself with modern weapons, the player needs to take down deadly enemies to unlock further content to explore. As I told above, the story follows a poor father who is worried about his kidnapped daughter and embark on a journey to rescue his daughter from troubles and survive from brutal monsters who are many times bigger than the protagonist and even more powerful. 
Character and Weapon Customization 
Many playable characters await you each with unique attributes. However, the game is specially designed for those players who want to control fully customizable characters, that’s a really good feature and almost every player loves it. There are over sixty weapons and up to 120 equipment as well as more than 100 accessories from which the player can choose and equip his character before setting out on an epic mission that’s really challenging because of freely roaming monsters. 
Each and every corner is dangerous in the environment where the game takes place. So, be careful, avoid obstacles, solve puzzles, and engage in action-packed gameplay while experiencing the horror gameplay at the same time. What are you waiting for, choose your avatar and put yourself in the struggle to save an innocent girl before it’s too late? 

Intense Combat and Realistic Graphics
If we talk about graphics which looks realistic and letting the player experience the action in real-time. Due to realistic visuals, the bandits, zombies, and monsters look horrible, means all deadly creatures will definitely increase your heart beats. You have enough guts to face off these deadly creatures, if your answer is yes, then you can play this game, others avoid it because this game isn’t for losers. 
While playing the game, there are several locations where you found yourself engaged in intense combat, means there are countless enemies who are coming towards you without any hurdle in order to kill you. That time, you need to use your wits, plan your move and then execute them to lead yourself to victory. 
Experience Online Co-op Gameplay 
The most notable feature of this game is definitely its co-op mode, enabling players to join each other on an epic mission, together face off massive enemies and their deadly bosses and advance through the game to survive as long as possible to become the hero. 
Like other co-op games, you can interact with your teammates, issue orders, and then lead your team to victory to move to the next stage where you will find more dangerous enemies, obstacles like spikes, moving fireball, and others. Your main aim is to reach the end of each stage by taking down enemies using modern weapons and equipment. So, gamers what are you waiting for?
The graphics, gameplay, controls, and story each and everything of this game is almost brilliant. A complete game almost having all vital elements like action, adventure, weapons, shooting aspects, horror gameplay, and detailed environment. Don’t miss an opportunity to become a hero by just saving an innocent girl. Grab your weapons, embark on a journey, and dominate the world. This game – Breakout: the Dark Prison will be coming to Android and iOS platform in 2019 Summer. Stay tuned with their latest updates.


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