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One of the best Action RPG coming to mobile platforms 



A good ARPG game will always bring in front creative ideas and lots of loot, all while putting you face to face with some very powerful enemies. And that’s exactly what you are getting with Breakout: The Dark Prison. 
This is a very promising game in the Gamedev world that has managed to impress a lot of people with its distinctive gameplay and fun moments. The idea here is clear, you are in a world similar to Last Of Us and you need to do everything you can in order to eliminate enemies and focus on acquiring some amazing results. What makes Breakout: The Dark Prison unique is that you are in a world were zombies and humans are at war and you will have to break out of prison to help humanity.
And this is where you will start caring more and more about the gameplay and experience. What really sets Breakout: The Dark Prison apart is the fact that this game is super interesting and action packed. It always provides you with cool ideas and moments, all while bringing in the best game experience that everyone wants to see.
You can select from multiple characters and you can explore a huge range of abilities via the skill set.  This is a very powerful and enticing mobile game, one that will constantly push you to become better and better regardless of what you do. And that on its own is very special, because you get to enjoy some enticing boss battles and astounding loot.
What really sets Breakout: The Dark Prison apart from other games like this is its unique attention to comfort as you play. All the keys are mapped out in such a way so they feel intuitive. That, combined with the fact that you have a great map to explore everything out there really delivers that RE2 Remake approach and experience you do not want to miss.
Being caught in a zombie survival experience is definitely very challenging and you have to do everything in your power to achieve the best results. This is not a simple game, it requires a lot of attention and focus, not to mention it can end up very intense at times. People love Breakout: The Dark Prison because it’s offering a great story and at the same time you have lots of great loot too.
We recommend you to check it out and give it a try if you are passionate about intense, fun and unique game mechanics. Breakout: The Dark Prison is certainly an interesting title and one that you will want to try out right now. The combat is fluid and you will need to master it if you want to become the best of the best at it. While Breakout: The Dark Prison can be very tough at times, it does come with some pretty immersive and powerful moments, something that will impact the way you play too. If you’re a fan of action RPG titles on your PC or mobile, you are bound to be impressed with Breakout: The Dark Prison. Just check it out today! Can’t wait anymore and this is coming on this summer 2019!


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