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Best ARPG in 2019 - Horror, Action, Story and How to survive



Breakout: The Dark Prison is the ultimate ARPG experience in 2019 for mobile phones. It’s created with the idea of offering you a way to explore new locations, eliminate enemies and stay alive through the entire process. The game has tons of loot and that means you will be able to customize the way you play as you see fit.
Intense and exciting horror and action gameplay
The fact that you can play with others adds a new layer of excitement and fun to the table. You can choose when and how to play and you will find it easier to adjust and adapt in order to play and have fun in meaningful ways. The great thing is that the challenges increase as soon as you start playing with others. You do get extra experience the game gets even trickier as you play as a team, but it will totally be worth it.
Breakout: The Dark Prison gives you the best combination of story, action and horror. Trying to escape from a location infested with zombies has never been harder to do. There are zombies everywhere, and you can even find boss zombies that will make your escape almost impossible. You still have some methods you can use to eliminate or at least try to destroy the zombies, but it will totally be worth the effort and that’s why you need to check it out.
Manage your items and distribute ability points
One of the best ways to stay alive in the game is to eliminate enemies and acquire skill points. This will help improve your skills and it will make it easier to handle all those challenges right in front of you. Yes, it’s never easy to try and achieve that, but with the best approach you will be more than fine for the most part. 
Handling items is very important, you can upgrade the carry limit but you just have up to 50 items at first. Then there’s also the fact that you acquire XP and once you level up you can access abilities. Enhancing your stamina, vigor, resistance, strength, intelligence and accuracy is a crucial aspect in the game and you need to try and improve only those things you really plan on using. Which means you can customize your character to be more focused on melee, ranged attacks and so on. 
Since this is a game with tons of loot, you have to analyze weapons and gear to try and improve as much as possible. acquiring better loot and getting new rarities is always a challenge, but you can enter PVP battles, Team Fight and Deathmatch scenarios that make the game a lot more intense and rewarding than ever before. 
If you like action RPG titles and want something unique, intense and with a great gameplay, don’t hesitate and play Breakout: The Dark Prison. This offers a new take on the ARPG experience, with fresh, creative game ideas and exciting new mechanics! Coming on this summer 2019 and stay tuned!


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