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First Entry... what is this?

Antonio Schwuchow


So as part of my social service Im tasked with doing this game, mostly designed and directed by me.


What is Vapeseras?

"Vapeseras" is a mix of two words:

Vapor - The direct reference for vaporwave.

Pesera - Its a kind of common buses used in the public transport of mexican cities.  That name comes from a time where the ride of this "peseras" costed only 1 peso (mexican coin), directly giving the pseudonym to the microbuses.


Reason of concept.

In my opinion there arent much mobile games created with mexican folklore that have their own gameplay catch to have a good game with a good look, instead this games fall as being too low quality, or being not fun because they are educational but with non effort on the gameplay experience. So i felt that with my personal tastes i could create something worth anyone time, evoking at least small reactions on fun by the gameplay and nostalgy by the visuals and sounds.



So as quickly as i began the project i had to just pick a handful of the things i could add in the game. A big chunk of the aesthetics of the game had to be singular things that i could "vaporize" into vaporwave. For that i picked the CDMX (country´s capital) subway, that has this professional and foreign study of iconography, that reflects countless historic facts and folklore of the whole country. I still need to create some icon of a vaporize station to the game, but these subway titles will be probably only visual and wont refer to nothing specifically on the scene, just to give resemblances of the real stations titles. "Avenida Insurgentes" and "Reforma" are not specifically "METRO" subway stations, but there are similar stations, and the iconography related to those streets have already been designed by Lance Wyman. This signs are to be used on the bus stations on the game.

I have somewhat the idea to use the peseras to create some sort of car topdown battle game, but it quickly transformed into this. The peseras (last picture) were choosen because of how iconic they are to the city landscape, so I created a voxel art (for another log) based on the most common bus model and paintjob.

I experimented with some fonts for the logo, but finally i went for a kinda racing logo with the mexican METRO (subway) font, with some regular pink and turquoise for the palette.







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