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Breakout: The Dark Prison, A Future Android Classic



Breakout: The Dark Prison is looming enticingly on the horizon. Soon enough, the much-anticipated game, developed by Latersoft, will release a new breed of zombie-apocalypse on the gaming masses. Like other games of the survival sub-niche, Breakout: The Dark Prison relies on stark survival elements to immerse the player. Besides, it's not often that a zombie apocalypse rears its savagely ugly head.

With that in mind, getting attuned to the perils and pitfalls of Dark Prison will put you in good stead for the bleak dystopian future ahead. At its core, Breakout: The Dark Prison is an action survival game. In many ways, reminiscent of other genre greats such as Last Day on Earth and Dead Trigger 2. At least regarding themes of the genre and in-game systems. But how exactly does Breakout: The Dark Prison emulate, and in some cases supersede the qualities of its peers?...

Fast forward in time, and my peaceful existence roaming around the central hub in Breakout: The Dark Prison abruptly grinds to a halt. Suddenly, waves of undead ambush me from all angles. All of which vow for a taste of my untainted flesh. Forced to think on my feet, I frantically cycle through items, hacking foes down in a desperate bid to stay alive. Then, I take a hit and replenish lost health with an elixir. This level of dramatic excitement is commonplace in Dark Prison. You'd better get used to it quick time.

Another stand-out feature of Breakout: The Dark Prison is the sheer gamut of weapons available to the player. Looted cadavers spew items which range in rarity. As the enemies increase in level, so too does the lucrative nature of loot in the field. Just like Dead Trigger 2, Breakout: The Dark Prison offers satisfying weapons to slash away with, in pure abandon. All of which possess damage modifiers that significantly impact upon each battle scenario — another reason why Breakout: The Dark Prison is the best upcoming Android game this summer.

Whether you select the 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire or the heavy truck tire, as your weapon of choice, every item possesses varying strengths and weaknesses. An element that sets Breakout: The Dark Prison ahead of the pack. There are just so many options to select from; you'll always have a weapon to fit any occasion.

Because Breakout: The Dark Prison is an action game at heart. Therefore, enemy A.I is crucial, to anchor the core gameplay experience. Thankfully, this element is rock solid throughout. Enemies attack with purpose, show instinctual behavior and exhibit a high degree of realism. Just like those vile flesh-eaters in Dead Trigger 2. A factor which makes Breakout: The Dark Prison the best Android game this summer.

On another instance, swarmed and seemingly outnumbered, I switch weapon and utilize a double-strength attack. Like a cornered animal I lash out and inflict a devasting attack. On this occasion, it paid off. Much like Dead Trigger 2 and Last Day on Earth, the high stakes action is both stimulating and satisfying. In truth, there is never a dull moment in Breakout: The Dark Prison. A fact which makes Breakout: The Dark Prison the best upcoming Android game this summer.

Based on this list, Breakout: The Dark Prison is set to blow minds as the best upcoming Android game. Upon its arrival this summer. In truth, it's an exciting era for the Android market. Better still, the inclusion of Breakout: The Dark Prison solidifies the status of the iOS system. Mainly, as the leading platform in the field of video games. In short, this is a sizzling, summer smash-hit, you can't afford to miss.


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