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DevBlog, No. 35



Hello dears!
This month we had the following tasks:
0. Decide whether we need to implement AO (ambient occlusion) or not.
1. Screw the optimization of the terrain, i.e. return it to the previous level.
2. Implement the creation of a settings file and its saving.
3. Loading textures depending on quality settings.
4. To implement the preloading of the objects.
5. Tie different mines, and implement a new type of buildings-career.
6. Do as I call them multiobjects. These are the objects on the map that will be drawn by several instancing objects.
7. Implement a window interface object that can be dragged and dropped. Including the second screen, respectively, to implement support for the second screen.
8. And finally to finish the creation of new cities with strata and the first economic ties.

But after reading an interesting article https://gamedev.ru/industry/articles/Godot_making_game threw a number of tasks and the list turned out:

1. Screw the optimization of the terrain, i.e. return it to the previous level.
2. Implement the creation of a settings file and its saving.
3. Loading textures depending on quality settings.
4. Tie different mines, and implement a new type of buildings-career.
5. And finally to finish the creation of new cities with strata and the first economic ties.

On the project as before continued to work at least 12 hours a day. But one day I forgot the flash drive at work with the project and did not do it at home...
And after this, so to speak forced rest, the next day was productive.
Decided to practice this approach to development. In the end the performance like, has increased, probably affected tiredness. As a result, I took a two-week break from development. Week vacation and a week was given to all the various accumulated personal and work events.

After such rest the first week left on performance of the list of small tasks:
- fixed a glitch with trees that appeared in the ice;
- made snow Christmas trees;
- corrected models of deciduous trees;
- corrected generation of mountains, reduced height of peaks, reduced snow caps;
- fixed a bug with square banks.
- fixed new textures of mountains.
- completed mapping of surfaces (swamps, ice) now they are clearly displayed according to the grid of 4x4 sub-tiles;
- fixed pathfinding algorithm considering new mountains.











The first of the main list were made mines and quarries:




And we have one small miracle of the world:



Next made loading textures depending on the selected quality, and had the same Tinker with this seemingly easy task.



In General, I implemented 4 out of 5 main points. Again deprived gameplay.
Today, with the engine stopped. It remains only to correct the generation of rivers. And all next month only gameplay on the agenda. Try :)

Thank you for your attention!


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