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Changing Elevators and Questionnaire



Due to Final IK complications, we've decided to change the initial elevator in the escape pod into a transporter of sorts. Originally, the elevator head up and down animations, which would change the y-position of the player but not the predefined floor. Unfortunately, after much trial and error we could not get the floor position to be dynamic. As a solution, we decided to remove the elevator animations and instead have the player be transported to a new scene, which held the hallway, once they enter the elevator.

Furthermore, the questionnaire players fill out at the end of level one now has numbers that you press instead of sliders. The newest version of SteamVR (which we're using) removed certain features of the plugin that easily enabled the player to interact with UI sliders, and because the newest update is only a few months old there is currently no solution online (only others trying to solve the same problem). Therefore, we decided to remove the sliders and have the scale numbers from one to ten act as buttons that set the value for each answer. Players interact with them by having their hand collider enter the number's collider while pressing down the trigger button on the VR hand controller.




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