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Transporting objects from Scene to Scene and Fixing the Conveyor Belts



An ongoing problem we have been facing is transporting the keycard with the player as they move from one scene to another. Parenting the keycard to the player in a C# script proved unsuccessful As well, using the Object.DontDestroyOnLoad command would transport all objects from the previous scene to the next. As a temporary solution, we have decided to add keycard entry slots to specific scenes of the game. Once the player collects a keycard, they will "insert" it into the slot. By doing this, the keycard object will be destroyed. Moreover, once the player moves to a different scene, an identical keycard slot will be there and a key card will be displayed in front of it for the player to grab.

This change means we had to add duplicate scenes for the hallway and escape pod, where the player will travel through the original scenes when journeying to the equipment room, then return by maneuvering through the duplicated hallway and escape pod scene. This is so we can have key cards ready to grab for the players only after they complete the task in the equipment room.

Furthermore, we changed the animations of the conveyor belts. Previously, they were looping animations evoked by a trigger. However, the trigger would sometimes be accidentally triggered multiple times causing the forward and backward animation to play at an extremely fast speed which can cause nausea. Now, instead of a trigger being triggered, a single animation clip is played when the player steps on the platforms and the animation cannot accidentally be triggered while the player is partially through the hallway.




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