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Breakout: The Dark Prison - A AAA Summer Sensation



If you haven't heard about Breakout: The Dark Prison by now, then you've most likely been living the life of a recluse. In short, Breakout: The Dark Prison is the AAA game that comes to Android/iOS this summer. Truthfully, the mobile market has been crying out for a spectacular, stand-out action adventure. Thankfully, Breakout: The Dark Prison fits that mold in all but every sense.

Breakout: The Dark Prison pushes the processing power of current systems with its visual excellence. All the while, impressing with deeply-layered RPG mechanics. Aside from the obvious, why does Breakout: The Dark Prison look so amazing? Well, there's a plethora of reasons why this summer sensation is grabbing all the headlines.

Why Breakout: The Dark Prison Looks Amazing

With so many games primed for release this summer, what makes Breakout: The Dark Prison so unique? Maybe, it's the movie-like cinematics? Or rather, its poignant survival story, that stirs the soul, and touches the heart? As exciting as it is unpredictable. Could the reason be stunning graphics that raise the bar to unprecedented heights? Whatever the cause, and there are many, Breakout: The Dark Prison is an upcoming sensation, and the summertime smash-hit, you can't afford to miss.

Breakout: The Dark Prison, Gripping Gameplay

Concerning gameplay, Breakout; The Dark Prison is in a class of its own. More importantly, its densely integrated systems provide vast depth and immense replay value. Whether you're running the gauntlet and taking part in epic PVP duels, or crushing brutal bosses throughout the campaign, there's something here for everyone. These elements are made even more enjoyable, by a rock-solid combat system, which is both beautifully balanced and richly rewarding. 

Add to that an extensive player creator-system, alongside an innovative crafting mechanic and a host of side quests to prop-up the primary story mode. The result is a ground-breaking RPG, set to be the ultimate AAA game coming to Android/iOS this summer.

Stand-out Features of Breakout: The Dark Prison

Visually, Breakout: The Dark Prison is leaps and bounds ahead of its peers. Especially, considering its an Android/iOS game. Not only do the environments look pristine, but the cutscenes appear polished throughout. All of which infuse gameplay and story sections seamlessly. Also, NPC's share voiced dialogue which is both convincing and compelling. Another breakthrough feature for the mobile market.

We haven't even discussed player progression yet, which is perhaps the most exquisite quality to Breakout: The Dark Prison. Players use XP obtained through level completion, or from killing enemies. Then, these morph into ability points which assign to any of the main attributes. Better still, each skill reflects the class chosen at the start of the game. Whether you prefer the combat ability or the shooting ability, stats will modify accordingly, based on your choice of class. All in all, it’s this depth of player freedom that makes Breakout: The Dark Prison the must-play Android/iOS game this summer.

The Team Responsible for The Games Development

The driving force behind the project, and the passionate minds making this virtual dream a reality is Latersoft. That said, the game couldn't be in more capable hands. Developed by a seasoned team of over 30 experienced professionals, a handful of which have spent ten years or more perfecting animation & 3D modeling, already two years into its creation, there's little wonder that Breakout: The Dark Prison looks destined for greatness. Finally, Breakout: The Dark Prison comes out this summer, so be sure to pick up your piece of gaming history!

What a summer we have in store. In truth, there hasn't been a game with this level of hype attached for some time. All in all, we can't wait to get our hands on the AAA game that comes to Android/iOS this summer. If only we could speed up time. Thankfully, we can bank on Breakout: The Dark Prison being an instant classic. Bring on the summer. It can’t come soon enough.



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