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Clean Up: FlipTile Runner Week 8&9



This is Week 8 & 9 of an 8 week game dev. Already past scheduled completion time. Time to re-assess my plan. Looking like 12~14 weeks is more realistic.

Android beta at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ryuuguu.FlipTileRunner. iPhone Beta is available on  TestFlight at 

Spent most of my time doing things that did not get finished earlier or should have been done earlier. Release beta for Android on Google Play. Got some good feedback quickly. The player felt frustrated by bouncing at the top of the screen.  So I will make the visual and audio rewards as well as scoring points for doing it. Also will try shifting the board down very fast when they reach the top tiles. Which board tiles were dangerous was not clear so I want to add green edges at the top and red edges at the bottom. This will take some thinking since the board can be placed on an angle and move at a different angle, making it tricky to define the top and bottom edges. All these are for future weeks as I just added them today to my list.

Things that did get fixed up this week were new wider dwarf paths so dwarfs can fit on the path and not hit their heads going under arches.


Some other new tiles so themes look different from each other.


And played around with other tile ideas.


Added 2x2 tile flipping. The code to flip NxN rectangles of tiles was already working but the code to generate icons was not written. This also meant handling change where the center of the flip was compared to the character. Finally, data structures to store this in JSON friendly classes and allow input of all these options in Unity IDE was needed.


Please check out the Android beta at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ryuuguu.FlipTileRunner and let me know what you think.


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