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Quest for the Ban Hammer Update

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Though the Dungeon Crawler Challenge is long since over, I wanted to fix up a number of number of things in my project. I think I finally have it in a state where I'm good with closing the project and getting back to my other project I call "One Day".

Most of the updates are mentioned in the Projects page.

Probably the update that I'm most happy with is the way I track what items the player has on him. I'm able now to refer to the various items that I've defined in my conversation scripts and use that to determine the count of things currently held. This should allow me to create fetch quest through the conversation scripts without the need for a lot of additional coding. I'm hoping that it will allow me to make quick progress on "One Day" as soon as I merge the old project with my current work.


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Very glad for this:

  • Landing on edges of water is more forgiving.

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