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Battle Gem Ponies DevLog (March: Warmed Up & Eager)

Yotes Games


     The Unity project has been cracked open and filled with placeholders and tools for actually developing a playable build now. One screen at a time, one placeholder at a time, one feature at a time.

     There's a long road ahead and I can already see myself going mad trying to animate all these ponies and debug every feature, but that's what makes this work. It's the tedious price paid to get to where I wanna be. And where I wanna be is online sharing links to my finished game for folks to check out.
    A lot of gamedev went on this past month. Hope to be dishing out some videos on the matter soon enough. See what's cooking so far on this super-wordy special edition devlog!

(And be on the lookout for video versions of these coming to the Yotes Games YouTube Channel by month's end.)


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    • By horror_man
      Hello, I'm currently searching for additional talented and passionate members for our team that's creating a small horror game.
      About the game: The game would be a small sci-fi/post-apocalyptic survival horror 3D game with FPS (First person shooter) mechanics and an original setting and story based in a book (which I'm writing) scene, where a group of prisoners are left behind in an abandoned underground facility. It would play similar to Dead Space combined with Penumbra and SCP: Secret Laboratory, with the option of playing solo or multiplayer.
      Engine that'd be used to create the game: Unity
      About me: I'm a music composer with more than 4 years of experience and I'm currently leading the team that's creating this beautiful and horrifying game. I decided that making the book which I'm writing into a game would be really cool, and I got more motivated about doing so some time ago when I got a bunch of expensive Unity assets for a very low price. However, I researched about how to do things right in game development so I reduced the scope of it as much as I could, so that's why this game is really based in a scene of the book and not the entire thing. Also I'm currently learning how to use Unity and learning how to program.
      Our team right now consists of: Me (Game Designer, Creator, Music Composer, Writer), 3 3D Artists, 4 Game Programmers, 1 Sound Effect Designer, 2 Concept Artists, 1 3D Animator.
      Who am I looking for: We are looking for a passionated and talented 3D Environment Artist that's experienced in hard surface models and the creating of closed/underground scenes with a realistic feeling to them. Familiarity with the sci-fi/horror genre is a plus.
      Right now the game is in mid-early development and you can see more information about it and follow our progress in our game jolt page here: https://gamejolt.com/games/devilspunishment/391190 . We expect to finish some sort of prototype in 2 months from now.
      This is a contract rev-share position
      If you are interested in joining, contributing or have questions about the project then let's talk. You can message me in Discord: world_creator#9524
    • By Homeship
      A 3D shooter requires 3d artists, animators and sound engineer.
      Good day.

      The project is unequivocally non-profit and applicable to such tasks:
      - go through the entire sequence of the project’s release in Steam,
      - get the project in the portfolio
      - Practice low-budget indie marketing.
      - game development skills upgrade )
      And all this - with a minimum budget.
      The game is done on Unity.
      Some free content assets from the asset store. Many of them are highly modified.
       All code is mine. 
      The plot and setting of the shooter is based on the comic strip by Alexadr Dyakov "Owl - is an effective manager.
      The Hare from the comic strip will act as the protagonist.
      His opponents: jerboas, raccoons, bats, wolves (as the most guards and security forces of the owl) and owls themselves.

      Duration of the game - 5 locations (Forest, Plant, Offices, Snow-capped mountains, Desert).
       2-3 hours of gameplay.
      The emotional goal of the game is to respond to the experiences that arise when reading a comic book.))
      The use of characters and several pages of the comic book has already been agreed with the author of the comic book.
      Game Features: 
      - "dismembered" - you can shoot \ tear off an enemy limb, tail or head (which is lethal, of course). Also, the "fifth point" (ass) is vulnerable for some enemies. 
      - several types of weapons for making "meat": fork, axe, chainsaw, flamethrower, grenade launcher, machine gun, double-barreled shotgun and one futuristic weapon avaliable close to the end of the game 
      - a lot of blood and violence
      - high game dynamics (not DOOM but... ))
      - the possibility of attacks from the back, which provides the mechanics of "silent killings"
      - enemies have a limited view, and respond to sounds 
      - weather system (snow, rain, fog, thunderstorm, wind), change of time of day 
      - localization of hits and change in the behavior of opponents, depending on their condition.
      We trying to make it cheap (in development), simple and fun as possible.
      At the moment, alpha version of game is already ready. All described features of the game are implemented already.
      Current development status:
      - game mechanics (moving, interacting, shooting, damage models) - READY
      - UI - READY
      - metagaming (purchase of weapons and ammunition between locations, briefing and debriefing) - READY
      - AI of opponents (attacks, evasion, player search, reactions to changes in the situation, state of stunning, etc.) - READY
      - first location (passage scenario, content, level design, cut scenes) - READY
      - rest of locations - WIP
      the software part is 95% complete. Polishing gameplay, optimizing and bug fixing in progress.
      The following specialists are invited to the project enthusiastically:
      1. Sound-designer
      2. 3D artists (modelers) - enviroment props
      3. 3D Animators - there are 4 characters need to be animated
      Planned Steam release  -  september-october 2019.

    • By RoKabium Games
      For this Screenshot Saturday we captured an image during one of the Earthquake events that occurs on Tartarus. During this time the underground turns into a fire inferno with Monodons spawning in big numbers so be prepared to defend yourself.
    • By NekronMono
      Hi everybody!
      I'm working on a project right now and would like to get some feedback about it.
      This is a puzzle game where puzzles build upon primitive mechanics like player movement and camera rotation only.
      At the moment only prototype build is ready where I tried to show how those puzzles will look and feel like.
      If you can spare a few minutes please try it here
      and send some feedback through this form
      It will be very helpful for me!
      Thank you for your attention.
    • By Jesterjoy3
      How to make a camera follow player movement in all directions using C# script, help me please
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