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Toy on a Mission UE4 Remix - NewDirection - N0




It's been awhile.

Development has been off and on due to side projects that grabbed my attention, Like a adding multiplayer to the FPS template as a base for fun.


State of the project:

  • Overall
It will be playable if there where some levels and room packs(group of rooms) to use, The UI needs work to make it nice(er) to use.
Some work has gone into allowing the player to customise the colours of things, mostly the player ball colours can be changed.
I am aiming to have full colour customisation capability.
I believe I am close to having a playable game, So that very nice :)
  • Levels:
Levels can either be prebuilt or made from stitching rooms together.
Each room is like a level, but requires an entrance and exit teleporter to move between levels.
The levels use an array of cubes that move based on their distance to Actors that have a Component that lets the DynCube(Cube Array manager) instance know where important stuff is.
Tiled is used as the level/room editor using custom layer and object properties to denote what it is.
The Tiled level is then run through a middleman to get the json file for the game to use, It has basic error/warning support.
  • UI/UX
I have started overhauling the widgets/menus to make it easier to maintain and add features/extend.
  • Performance
Overal performance seams okay.
It seams that it is GPU bottlenecked at higher then 720p resolutions(Radeon HD7770), Turning down post processing settings seams to solve that.
Having lots of cubes(upto a few thousand) via a HISMC seams okay.
I will need to do more indepth profiling and assesment to see what I can do about improving performance.

Future work:

Build the level packs and custom levels.
Have each level object type be randomised to add veriety, but allow the designer to set the type as an override.
Overhaul the menus and add ability to rebind controls.
Add bindings for GamePad, But I cant test that as I don't have a GamePad
Building a community of interested people, Will need to look into what platform(s) to use.
Do some blind playtesting and getting feedback on stuff.
Need audio for:
  • Player movement
  • Music
  • Menus/UI
  • object impacts, just have to work out how to do that right...


Thats all I can think of at this time.

//----- Pictures -----//
A picture of a test level:
A screenshot of a different test level in Tiled:


Thanks for taking the time to read this entry.
That's all for now,


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