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ConnorORT Studios blog 003: Metal & Monsters

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Welcome to the third chapter of the ConnorORT Studios blog - where I talk about the development of my studio's new games Bam's Countryside Adventure and Purity Of Intent, along with some details regarding my new solo metal project!

Bam's Countryside Adventure

You may have noticed in past blogs that our farming sim starring Bam the cat from Towards The Pantheon didn't have a name - so we spent some time brainstorming throughout March and landed on Bam's Countryside Adventure. We wanted to include Bam's name, as well as a nod to the farming elements of the game (countryside) and the fact that we are exploring new genres and mechanics from the adventure game genre. Leandro and I feel this sums up the laidback and fun atmosphere that we want to capture with the game!

I had to take a bit of time away from development throughout March due to some personal issues, but I am now back and actively working. Leandro on the other hand did a lot of fantastic work including character houses, character portraits, environment art, crops, character sprites, and more! Here's a look at Mishima's house:

Those of you who have played Towards The Pantheon know that Mishima is an electropunk, and as such it makes sense for her to be the equivalent of blacksmith in the game. When her shop is open you'll be able to head in to buy and upgrade tools! I added Mishima and Bam's sprites to the picture so you can see the scale of the house, which is made from scavenged pieces of a shipwreck.

Here's a look at the character art for Bam's cousin Bippy:


Both Slippy (shown in the previous devblog) and Bippy serve as the comic relief throughout the game, and during special times and events you'll be able to buy random items from them! Each character of the game contributes to the community in some way (by performing services or running shops), as well as special and unique events.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing off new artwork for Bam's Countryside Adventure!



Purity Of Intent

While Bam's Countryside Adventure is our main focus at the moment, we have been slowly working on the graphical style for the first Purity Of Intent game. After experimenting with a bit of concept art, Leandro has been experimenting and his most recent output is this:


More will be revealed as time goes on but you can see that the style and design is much different than Bam's Countryside Adventure and Towards The Pantheon! We're looking forward to experimenting with some more ideas we have regarding the art style which we will show you in the future.

Ghosts Of Garoh

Lastly, I've begun work on my first full solo metal project since 2009. Titled Ghosts Of Garoh, the project fuses elements of metal (Thrash, Black, Death) with electronic, industrial, and dark ambient elements. I've been searching for a particular style of metal for a long time and haven't had much luck finding it so I've decided to give it a go myself. I've been doing a lot of experimenting with how to mix the electronic, ambient, and metal elements which has been both interesting and challenging. As a little teaser, you can listen to my latest experiment here. It is very exciting after 10 years to finally feel like I have a concept and direction for a new solo metal project and look forward to sharing more teasers with you in these updates.

That's it for this development blog, be sure to let us know what you think so far, and share the blog with your friends as we'd greatly appreciate that! You can follow myself, Leandro and ConnorORT Studios on social media for more frequent updates!

You can follow ConnorORT Studios on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,
You can follow Connor O.R.T. Linning on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Tumblr, Youtube
You can follow Leandro Tokarevski on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Youtube

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