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Interactive AR on the Samsung Internet Browser

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1*MxgJIp3R6eNKpIUynOQVIQ.jpeg8th Wall Web demo using Samsung Internet browser at SDC 2018.

We had a blast demoing 8th Wall Web on the Samsung Internet browser at the Samsung Developer Conference last week. Digital robot JINI greeted attendees in our latest immersive web experience, JINI Cam, where users posed and snapped photos of him in augmented reality.

1*GD0Yg_9-KrOw3Th7YWaMvA.gifJINI Cam running on Samsung Internet

JINI Cam works on all mobile browsers, and we wanted to show off our AR magic using super-speedy Samsung Internet for Android.

“8th Wall Web running in the Samsung Internet browser demonstrates what a modern mobile web browser is capable of today in the hands of highly skilled AR creators,” said Laszlo Gombos, the Senior Director of Web Platform at Samsung. “8th Wall enables AR for the web today running on today’s mobile browsers.”


If you haven’t had a chance to try out the Samsung Internet browser yet, you can download it here.

You can play with our interactive AR camera, JINI Cam, by opening this link on your tablet or smartphone. Make sure to share your favorite JINI pics with us by tweeting @the8thwall 📸


Interactive AR on the Samsung Internet Browser was originally published in 8th Wall on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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      Hello, fellow developers, artists, and gamers! 😊 Trimatra Interactive, an indie game studio, is looking for fresh new reinforcements for its ambitious RPG/dungeon crawler project, currently (temporarily) titled "Project Dagger". Below, you can read all about the project and the vision behind it, as well as about all the positions that we are currently looking for. Read away! 

      == ABOUT THE PROJECT == 

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      - randomized dungeons, ensuring that each experience is different from the next
      - engaging main questline
      - cutting edge combat for mobile devices
      - straight-forward, yet entertaining gameplay
      - attractive loot based systems
      - ...

      Story and lore development-wise, we are still in the wraps. Right now, we are slowly working on the prologue chapter and are setting up the lore, creating a believable world in the process. The first explorable area will be the Monmoth zone, featured on the images.

      Quest design is going to be heavily influenced by The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Fallout 2, and as far as the NPCs are concerned, we plan on providing them with sufficient depth and layers to make their existence in the game meaningful. They are going to have their own backstories and unique interactions with the player. We are not planning on having our NPCs voiced.

      And now... onto our open positions!

      == OPEN POSITIONS ==

      Right now, we are primarily focused on teaming up with gameplay animator(s), character modeler(s) and writer(s). We plan on updating this thread/post new updates in case our needs change in any way.

      Before you continue, note that every single one of us is working on the project out of sheer passion. Revenue share is something everyone is entitled to, and we are going to do our very best to bring this project to life.
      [1.] GAMEPLAY ANIMATORS Gameplay animators will be responsible for player animations, item animations, and animation optimization in order to bring your work to life in the Unity engine. You will be working closely with the character modelers to ensure the optimal quality of the product.

      Our ideal gameplay animator is an ambitious, passionate individual who fits the requirements below, and is interested in acquiring some decent references on his way to success.

      - knowledge of relevant 2D and 3D art tools
      - solid understanding of animation workflow, such as rigging, rotoscoping
      - ability to animate realistic physical movements
      - ability to take constructive criticism
      - positive mindset
      - fluency in written English
      - ability to use Discord

      - knowledge of Unity workflow

      Our offer:
      - revenue share based on the amount of work done

      How to apply:
      - send us an email with your CV/portfolio to trimatrainteractive@gmail.com AND domen.valjavec@gmail.com
      [2.] CHARACTER ARTISTS Character artists will be responsible for creating the character models and character rigging (humanoid or monsters) based on the provided concept art and project leader's directions. You will be involved in the character creation process from start to finish and will also take care of sculpting, modeling and texturing. A huge plus if you are also ready to model all the props, related to the character, such as weapons or armor pieces.

      Similar to the gameplay animator position, our ideal character artists is an individual who fits the requirements below and seeks to expand his portfolio with some amazing-looking creatures, monsters or men - creativity is something we encourage and absolutely adore.

      - knowledge of relevant 2D and 3D art tools
      - solid understanding of the modeling workflow (topology, materials, texture, proportions, anatomy)
      - solid understanding of animation and game limitations (poly count, memory)
      - ability to take constructive criticism
      - positive mindset
      - fluency in written English
      - ability to use Discord

      - knowledge of Unity workflow

      Our offer:
      - revenue share based on the amount of work done

      How to apply:
      - send us an email with your CV/portfolio to trimatrainteractive@gmail.com AND domen.valjavec@gmail.com
      [3.] WRITERS As a writer, you are going to be responsible for crafting the lore behind our game, as well as the overarching narrative, connected to the main and side quests. You will be tasked with creating fun, engaging content, filled with believable characters and dialogue, thus helping us craft a world that people are going to be interested in.

      As we expect to be swarmed with writer applications, our ideal writer is someone who is, well, a capable writer. We want you to realize that the characters, living in the game world, are living, breathing things with several layers to them. We want you to realize that there is more to dialogue than simple exposition.

      - knowledge of writing and storytelling
      - knowledge of fantasy tropes and cliches, and the ability to either use or omit them
      - ability to write believable dialogue and character interactions
      - understanding of quest design in video games
      - positive mindset
      - flawless written English
      - ability to use Discord

      - knowledge of several written works and their individual styles, fantasy or not
      - knowledge of the dialogue systems from the games like Fallout 2, Divinity: Original Sin 2 or The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
      - playthroughs of popular AAA fantasy games (The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Warcraft, etc.)

      Our offer:
      - revenue share based on the amount of work done

      How to apply:
      - send us an email with your CV/portfolio to trimatrainteractive@gmail.com AND domen.valjavec@gmail.com

      Be sure to check the rest of our promotional materials: https://imgur.com/a/niSxCfM!
      Also, you can follow the development of our project via our Discord: https://discord.gg/9TGvN5
      We hope to hear from you soon! ☕
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