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Feedback: Week 12&13 of #8WeekGameDev. FlipTiles:Runner



This is Week 12& 13 of an 8 (maybe 15) week game dev. User feedback week, also started on another theme and tested PlayFab.

I started the week by simplifying things and removed the strategy and slow game mode. Then user feedback came in.  The game is too easy, the game is too hard, no feeling of progress, not sure what is happening.

- Too hard and too easy,
 Added back a slow mode so players have a range of choices. 
- No feeling of progress, 
 Added shifting the whole board down when the player is near the top edge. Giving the feel of forward movement. Also, it means if a player is good when they reach and stay near the top, the board moves downs which brings them quickly to harder sections of the board and speeds up play a little. 

- not sure what is happening
  added new intro instructions. Also added red and green edges to show where the player should go and where to avoid. In the ship theme show about the player has to move down not the usual direction of up. 

Change GameOver screen to make score bigger and easier to see.


I started on Toy Mall as a hard theme. All the paths look very similar. This makes it harder to trace out the path ahead of the avatar. 

Another Hard theme I made is space ships. The player needs to move down instead of up, so habits from the other themes must be changed. Also, the tiles are angled 45º. I did this just because I thought it enhanced the 3D effect, but it also makes it harder for me to see which diagonal flip I want to use. If I had realised the 45º would make things harder I might have done it in a separate theme first.

Lastly, I installed and setup PlayFab. I want to use their leader boards. Google and Apple both have leaderboards but then I have 2 API to deal with, more differences between builds to track and players are in separate leader board sets. Also, I am not sure if googles leaderboards work for non-Google Play android store builds. PlayFab has 25 leaderboards for free. It also has resettable leaderboards. I can then use a single leaderboard for daily challenges. For example, I can have a contest for the highest score playing the Druid avatar one day and then reset the leaderboard and have a challenge playing the Chess White knight.  For now, I just wanted to check that PlayFab works OK with Unity 2019b and that I understand how it works.

As always thanks for reading to the end, and any feedback to the blog or the beta app is appreciated. 

Android beta at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ryuuguu.FlipTileRunner. iPhone Beta is available on  TestFlight at 


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