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    • By ashlelia
      Hi all,
      I did a bit of searching around the forum before posting and I couldn't find anything that quite fit my question. A boyfriend and I are working on creating a word game for mobile that would include a grid of multi-color letters, a goal, and boosters to help you achieve the goal. We plan to build in Unity. He's doing the coding, I'm responsible for pretty much everything else (the concept is mine from the jump so lol) and right now my focus is on level design. I am pretty lost on where I would begin with creating the kind of levels I want; each level should have a goal of something like "create five blue words" or "create five blue words of only three letters." Down the line, some may be timed or have turn limits.
      Would this be something that I would have to manually design, or is there a way to generate the goals more dynamically based on particular constraints
    • By bergice
      lurkers.io is a multiplayer browser game with similarities to Garrys Mod. Everyone can host their own server and script their own gamemodes, so there isn't necessarily 1 particular aim to the game.
      You can play the game here right now without any registration: http://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/lurkers.io/index.html
      I've just added some motion blur to particles and projectiles, let me know what you think!
    • By SCP-173
      I'm currently working on a 3D mobile game in Unity, and I've basically designed the whole thing already. Problem is, I do not know where to get started on the music/rhythm integration for the game. I'm relatively new to coding in C#, but am pretty comfortable with the Unity workflow having made some games off tutorials to learn C# and Unity. I was wondering if there is anyone who is experienced in or knows about making rhythm-based games who could help me understand the process? My concept is similar to these to just give you an idea of what I'm going towards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcHzJ5lAdHQ
      I've also read about this software Koreographer while doing research on how to make a rhythm-based game, but I'm hoping that whoever's willing to help can help me achieve some of the neat effects that Koreographer can do without buying and learning the software.
    • By RoKabium Games
      ALPHA TESTERS WANTED! Our PC game "Something Ate My Alien" is starting public testing today! If you would like to test our game, contact us or visit the link below:
      SAMA forums: http://bit.ly/sama-testing

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